Friday, December 26, 2008

I Was Struck By Lightning 7 times

"Did I ever tell you that I was struck by lightning 7 times??" lol

You'll get what I'm talking about when you take yourself out for a
treat Togo and watch Brad Pitt's new movie, The Curious Case Of
Benjamin Buttons.

This is a remarkable story of a mans journey through life and the many
adventures he goes on but he has the uncanny ability to age backwards.

When I first saw the previews for this movie, I just knew that I would
deff see it the first day out and I'm sure glad I did. This is why I
was born in this time period. The visual effects were stunning. Only
the best that this days technology can bring you. The story line is
also magnificent.

I will say set aside some time to watch this epic tale because it's
over 2 hours long, but if you love great movies; it should not be a
problem at all. Think of Forrest Gump mixed with Big Fish and a Lil
bit of Titanic and this is what you get.

I give this movie 2 Balls Hard :-) lol.. The best of the year..

- Ace Black

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have you're people call MY peoples

- so I was texting this cute lil shortie while driving and bumping my
Lil Bow Wow CD and this bullshit happened.

I hit an ice patch from this crazy Seattle weather and the car started
sliding down the road.

I hit a hot dog cart on the side walk and a fruit stand and barely
missed a woman with baby stroller (darn it, wouldve been worth 35
points). But after honking and trynna be the smooth defensive driver
that I am, this damn hyundai or whateva POS car this is decided to
stay still so I hit the MU Fahckha.. :-)

Aaaahhhhhhh it was a refreshing hit cause that old bastard decided to
get my insurance info afterwards. That's when I realized I wasn't on a
tv show and I wasn't able to skirt the fuxs out of that situation.

He would not take my advice to let me rub some lotion on that bumper
of his or betta yet, some damn tussin.. So I say F him..

Come n Get Meeeeeeeee..

(as this blog made it to print, we would like to let the reader know
that Ace Black Actually had his insurance company handle this matter
and he has yet to find out wether his rates went up or not)

- Ace Black

This is some Pure BULLSHYTT

Hmmm 12 days of snow?? Really?? Worst shit ever in Seattle in years.

Yeah yeah, I came out to visit the fam for the holidays, but this was
not part of the plans. You see that sweatshirt I got on?? Yeah..
That's what living in phoenix does to you to get you in f'd up
situations when travelling lol.

I've been stuck in the house litteraly for 5 days straight. I used to
love snow as a child but this shit right here Niggahh.. This ain't the
bizz lol.

I've been seeing penguins walking outside the windows snowball
fighting polar bears. I wouldve went out but it was too cold.

This damn weather deff chopped n screwed me this time around :-/ can't
even really hang out with my old friends. Well.. Hopefully wherever
you are, you're quite warm cause I'm freezing my balls off down here

- Ace Black

We are NOT ready..

I happened to stumble onto a gun store one day with my frat brother
Sixxx out in Scottsdale.

We were out just relaxing and wasting the full tank of gas I had just
purchased by cruising through the mean streets of Tempe and Scottsdale
Az :-)

We looked at a few guns and decided to ask alotta questions... What we
found out was that alotta right wing (I don't know the difference
between right or left wing but right sounds cool lol) Americans
believe that WE (moreso they) as Americans will lose alot of our
rights as gun carrying Americans with an Obama presidency.

We spent about an hour in the store checking out the guns, talking to
the customers and registering for classes that we never went to.

What I do remember from my experience at this gun store was this.


I had to remember where I was at because within my time in that store,
all I saw were non Kenyan ;-) Americans entering and buying new
weaponries. They knew more shit than I did and they deffinately knew
all the laws associated with gun ownership in the state of Arizona.

I myself did not know that in Az you could have your weapon on you as
long as it was not concealed (I actually did, but for this blog I'll
say I didn't lol). And I did not know about all the differet kind of
weaponries that might be banned should Uncle Obama make the gun laws
stricter in the states.

I'll say this.. I'm not a big bang bang shoot em up typpa person but
if shit was to go bad.. I'm staying my ass in the house cause them
nerd looking ass cats I saw coming in and out of that store knew they
shit about the laws, About them guns and deff about which bullets
pierced witch armors lol.

We Kenyan Americans ;-) are not ready should a race war break out :-)
but that's why I'm glad I live in the states where Blacks, Whites,
Hispanics can live together in harmony with Kenyan Americans just like
myself :-)

- Ace Black

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mos Def Concert: Seattle

Upon reaching Seattle last week, the buzz around town was an upcoming
show from rapper/musician Mos Def at the Moore Theatre. I set out to
find out a way to go check this show out being that I've never seen
Mos Def perform live.

I would like to give a special thank you to our good friends over at
who were able to sponsor us with some tickets for the show. Also to
my guy T. Baisy with Vibrant 206 for directing us with where to go for
the night.

The show started at 10pm when it was listed to start at 8pm. Being
that it had snowed the night earlier, I was understanding of the late
start. The place was packed with lots of Mos Def Fans.. You know the
type.. Old hip hop heads and for lack of a better visual I'd say think
of the kids who played hackey sack during lunch in high school. I'm
not making fun of anyone, but for the quick brief look in the lobby, I
found this to be the core audience of the show.

Being that the only album of Mos' that I'm familiar with is the one
which had Ms. Fat Booty on it. I know, I know and I do admit it. I'm
kind of a main stream, radio pop type of listener so I did not know
what to expect of Mos Defs performance being that the album ok
familiar with was almost 10 years old.

:-/ I will say that my interpatation of the show was as such. Mos Def
has 2 playlists that he uses. I say this because most of all the
concerts I've been to, I have atleast known 1 song by the artist. My
theory was that the overly major white mos def fans in the crowd had
him perform to tailor the needs of the audience.

None of the songs were familiar to me and a few of the people I was
with were also looking at each other trying to figure out what we were
witnesing. I was particularly upset when the show ended at 11pm and
still no Ms. Fat Booty or any of his other hits he created with Talib
Kweli. I will have to say that I left the show feeling hurt in a way
I've never felt before after leaving a concert. I admit, I haven't
checked for Mos recently, but after the show I definately will not be
to keen on giving his music a chance. I would have to say that it's
close to being one of my least favorite live shows i've been to.

- Ace Black

What is this white stuff??

I don't know about y'all but I'm freezing my balls off as I write
this. Seattle was hit with some snow this past week and I being the
dummy I am decided that I would extend my trip another 2 weeks.

The last time I saw snow was in the 1990's and this was a terrible re-
introduction. Can't wait till I head back to phoenix for new years.

Snow = No Bueno

- Ace Black

Ace Black's Beef Stew of Love

Fellas.. Here's a perfected recipe that has been Ace Black Proven to
get you that one special lady you've been eying this whole time. If
you would like to seal the deal, invite her over to your place for
some beef stew. Follow these instructions I've created and you should
be able to have the best love making night of your life :-)

-Start out with half an onion chopped
- place onions in pot with oil till brown
- cut a full tomatoe and place that in the pot also
- cut up your beef in small chunks and place in the pot.
- cover pot let simmer add some water and let boil
- add cut up pieces of potatoes to the stew
- add cilantro when the stew is almost done

When you've made the beef stew just right, serve it to your partner
with some bread.

After she's finished with her beef stew; you should ask her to now
feed you some of herrrr beef stew ;-)

be sure to not let any of that sweet chunky soup spill. Be sure to
taste every last bit and ask for more when you're done :-)

Thank me later fellas.

Ladies, start asking you're fellas if they know how to make Ace
Black's Beef Stew of Love :-) Youre welcome..

- Ace Black

Monday, December 8, 2008

This weeks destination: Seattle

I'm back in this cold ass city. Thanks to our flight sponsor southwest
airlines :-). Last nights flight was scary, but I give it up to the
lord who helped guide the pilots through the Lil tire blowout we had
upon landing.

Luckily I was sleeping and it woke me up with the quickness lol. But
I'm still here and quite alive.

The plans for Seattle are to just chill, relax with the fam and a few
close friends. A certain someone owes me a night of bowling and some
chill movies :-) lol. Hmmm, it's super cold so I'll be indoors most of
the time being that I don't own any jackets ha ha.

Ace Black

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Men of Status: 2009 Calendar Coming Soon...









Let Sir Plus reintroduce himself

DJ SIR PLUS (aka DJ Puppy Luv) is not only a DJ, but also a producer, writer, and performer. The artist (whose real name is Steven Chambers) was born and raised in South Phoenix. “The Southside was rough growing up! People automatically assumed that you were into the drugs, gangs and violence. A lot of people saw themselves giving in to the Southside street life and making bad choices, but I’ve overcome it and now I’m a Man of Status!”, he exclaims.

Sir Plus has been immersed in the DJ industry since junior high school, hustling school dances and house parties. In high school, Sir Plus danced, choreographed and played sports such as volleyball and basketball. Sports gave him something to focus on instead of hanging out, smoking, drinking and doing the normal mischievous things kids his age were doing. He was always active in his community when he was kid and that’s what kept him out of trouble and learning new things. Growing up, Sir Plus worked for the City of Phoenix in Parks & Recreation. He worked with at-risk youth and was a director for four different dance groups.

Sir Plus has been working extremely hard to get his name known for past ten years, and has recently changed his name from DJ Puppy Luv to DJ Sir Plus to recognize a decade of growth. Sir meaning grown man and Plus meaning having a positive outlook on life. “A lot of people thought that I was just a DJ but I do so much more. I MC, rap, host and perform”, says Chambers, “Puppy Luv was too cute of a rapper name, and after ten years it was finally time to let it go.

Sir Plus took DJing seriously after graduating from high school and has deejayed for the likes of Jay-z, Madonna, N Sync, Bow Wow, Mya, Soulja Boy, Amare Stoudemire and more. He’s has made numerous guest appearances on Power 98.3, at Phoenix Suns games, Arizona State University events, the Arizona Cardinals games, as well as night clubs all across Arizona, both urban and non urban. When he performs, his energy is infectious. His hard work has been fully recognized across the country including Arizona, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York and recently in Africa where he was chosen to represent the deejays of America. He has already received many awards including his most noted award for best DJ in Arizona in 2001.

In 2005, Sir Plus had his first and only child, which was a special moment in his life. In 2006, Sir Plus and his child’s mother went their separate ways. Even through his turmoil, Sir Plus still believes he’s one of the few guys who want to make an effort to be a good father. To be better father and caretaker for his family, he moved to LasVegas, a city where he had no family or friends. After moving to Las Vegas, Sir Plus truly realized the value of family and how important they are in one’s life.

In the future, Sir Plus plans to DJ internationally, and become a video jockey for a major television network or internet site. He plans to continue to grow his music production company and clothing line, tour statewide, and provide entertainment workshops and seminars for teens and kids.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Groomsmen Horor Story

My brother Nerayo had his wedding this past weekend to my sister
laura. Noooo not like in the Midwest, but afterrrrrrr they got married
she became my sister in law lol.

I was super excited because this was my first wedding being a part of
the wedding party. I got fitted for the tux months ago and before I
left phoenix, I watched Wedding Crashers and The Mack religiously all
week to try n find a middle ground for this new HORizon I was gonna
face :-)

But as soon as I got into town, all the glitz n glamour we were
promised as groomsmen to lure us in went away.


To all you future groomsmen who think you'll just wear a tux n look
fly to all the ladies, beware... The wedding is the one time your boy
can and will pull out all the favors you owe him and you can't say no
lol. Can't say I didn't warn yah. If you wanna be a good friend, keep
him from getting married. That way you won't have to do the stuff me
and the groomsmen did this weekend lol

Day 1

-we picked up family from the airport alllllllll day long. Forgot that
family likes pulling the fam card n always needs a ride in a new
city :-) lol

-we picked up all the tux's.. Yeah, they don't just magically appear.

-we had to go to the wedding dress rehearsal. But we got to meet the
bridesmaids ;-) thumbs up

-we had to go buy the liquors.. Store runs are made by groomsmen

-we partied late till 4am :-)

Day 2

- woke up at 7am... Ouchhhh gimme 10 more mins please.

- we started setting up the reception hall from 8am - 1pm

- all the flowers, table clothes etc we made.. Where r the
bridesmaids?? Ohh yeah, they're getting their nails done for the
wedding :-) lol back to work groomsmen

- we shook hands n kissed babies gave hugs n took pictures after the
wedding. Thumbs up :-)

- we DID GET TO EAT 1st.. Yesssss

- we deffinately got drunk. Okay getting better :-)

Day 3

- what u mean we gotta go clean up lol

Yeah after the cleanup, we had to go set up the African Wedding
portion. Not to mention return the cool looking tuxes we had.

I had fun and was deff put to work. But you know what, it was well
worth it because my brother and his wife had the best wedding ever and
I'm glad that I was able to HELP out lol.

- Ace Black

Monday, December 1, 2008

Just Hanging Around

Sooooo I've been looking for a job that's fun.

What do y'all think about this one :-)

Since I'm kinda known to "hang" this just might work ;-) lol

-Ace Black

This weeks Destination: Oakland

So I went to Oakland the Day after thanksgiving. My flight was for 7am
and since I thought the day after thanksgiving would be an ectic
travel day. I chose to get to the airport by 4am.

Crickets, crickets, crickets lol

Yeah.. I could slept in jus a Lil bit lol. This is exactly how it
looked. I walked through the airport with a breeze.

But anyways, I was going to Oakland for my Brother Nerayo's Wedding. I
had a blast and you'll read about it in my future blogs.

-Ace Black

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm most thankful for God, My Family, my very good friends who have
genuine good hearts and all my Ex girlfriends who have stuck with me
through the rough times. I love each and every single one of you and
I'll always have your back. Please have a safe and happy holidays :-)

-Ace Black

Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy hour: Kona Grill

Hmmm. My frat Job, Roy, Josh and I met up with some of our homegirls
for happy hour today at the kona grill in scottsdale.

Hmm.. Never really had sushi before but I'd like to go on the record
saying that I DONT LIKE IT :-)

Just give me the rice rolled up and some wasabe sauce or something
lol. I don't like raw food but I'm down to try new things.

We ordered some Californian rolls and philladelphia rolls.

Well, now back to the crib for more drinks n head out to Phx for my
dude Karlos Dansby's party from the Cardinals.

-Ace Black

T.I. - Taking The Stand..

Damn.. I wouldn't know how to react in this type of situation at all.. I guess it's only reactionary if and when the situation arises..

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bobby Fresh Clothing

Just wanted to let everyone know about Bobby Fresh Clothing (

Official Clothing Sponsor of Ace Black

They have a special right now on their Obama Tees which have been
selling out everywhere.

When you see me out and about, you'll most likely see me in a Bobby
Fresh Tee :-)

-Ace Black

Hating Asses :-)

This weeks topic is: Boys who Hate on other MEN they admire or look up
to :-)

I've tried for the longest to stay outta such talk but it has came to
my attention that maybe some guys are not really happy at how my boys
n I roll :-) Damnnnn. Oh well, does it bother me?? Nahhh.. But here
are a few rules or suggestions for those who act as such.

1) Never ever ever shall a man pour his heart out to a woman and
within the same sentence tell that same woman that she shouldn't fuxs
with me cause I gotta ton of broads and she's now added to my list :-/

That's just kinda lame. She see's through your total lackness of balls
and shell most likely let me know about it ;-)

2) Just because you might see me at the club often with different Lady
Friends of mine, enjoying ourselves; it's not cool to try n bring my
name up to get her number on the sly :-)

How about the next time you see her without me, introduce yourself
without adding "hey, I saw you with my boy Ace Black.. Let's exchange
numbers" this too shows that you can't stand on your own and will use
any close form of association to get her attention. She will still let
me know about it ;-)

3) When I walk by a girl you're grabbing hella close to you, and she
proceeds to find a way to loosen your grip just to come say hello to
me. Please do not try to whisper in her ears not to head towards me.

Come on now fellas. Is this what the game has come down to?? Maybe I
know her sister or we've taken a class together. Basically, I have a
radiant personality and I know lots of women from everywhere. So when
you put such limits on a girl you're talking to, it makes you look
whack and spineless. Plus she'll most likely come back n tell me lol..
Getting the picture yet?? ;-)

4) If I happen to walk by a girl that you're feeling and she starts
grinding up on me and we start dancing. Please don't walk in front of
her and start causing her scene causing her to interrupt our dance :-/

What this is showing is signs of insecurity. You can't handle a woman
dancing with another man. Being that I'm a man that's not confined to
any roles, I can be hood, smart, quite and a dancer or whatever I feel
like. I have confidence in myself and the women notice that. They just
wanna have a good time and dance with me :-) acting as such only makes
a scene and shell come back later telling me why she had to stop.

5) If you're homegirl mentions hanging out with me or plans on hanging
out with me. Please don't get a heart attack or jump to any
conclusions and try to stop her by planting doubt in her head.

You don't know me and you don't know who I'm seeing or with. I'm sure
every lady whose had the chance to hang out with me for a night has
enjoyed herself more than most men they've hung out with. They enjoy
the fact that my attention is on them and only them for the night. And
since a gentleman never kisses n tells. I'm sure you won't find any
lady out there who thinks that im a dog or a hoe ;-)

In other words..

If you're a lady, try getting to know me first. Just a Lil bit and
you'll quicky find out I'm dedfinately very different from what you're
used to. Do your research. Ask your girls if they know me if you must.
Even ask them if they know of anyone i've been with. You'll be
surprised ;-) then come holla at me.

If you're a boy.. Maybe you should try being our friends, cause
atleast we don't talk to each others girls ;-) lol

Relax, enjoy life and Stop Hating :-)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

She's ONLY 5yrs OLD..

Wow.. Deff Got more skills than I do.. Get your game up..

HERCULES (RMX Bayyybeee)

Uhhhmm.. Yeah, Still getting used to this song.. I've been hearing it quite a while on the Satelite Radio Shows but so far I think I still only like Jada's Verse..

But i'm really feeling how the video is made.. I like visuals and this one keeps my eyes moving around alot..

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Meet me at the DENNYS

Tonight was a goodnight. There were a few spots to choose from. There
was Amare Stoudemires B'day party going on in Scottsdale and Allen
Iverson was hosting a party also down in phoenix.

We decided to go to Oscar Taylors for Iversons party. Much love to my
dude Kevin from Liquid Ent for showin us love at the door. My dudes Dj
Kaydee and Dj Phlava kept both rooms live with good music throughout
the night.

The spot was packed, AI and the pistons were there and the ladies were
looking on point. But guess what, your boy Ace Black was "Cup Caking"
tonight lol. Yhupp, guilty as charged. Upon leaving the club, a nice
young lady deff let me know about my cup caking abilities in the club
ha ha

Note to self: when cupcaking at a club, make sure to bring extras
cause it's not nice to be the only one with sweets while others just
watch ;-) lol

But yeah, after the club my good friend the picture guy for, the homegirls Ce and Faboulousity n the homie Jason
decided to go chill at the dennys down the street. We had a good time,
discussed a lot of fun topics and ate some good food.

Here's a list of topics you can cover when waffle housing it up after
a drunk night at the club :-)

Cup caking, Breast and testicle examinations (for cancer of course),
cellibacy, long body parts that tickle the heart, cuddle buddies,
crackin ass parties, having 2 baby mommas, carrying magnums just
incase and many other fun stuff lol.

It was nice meeting you two ladies tonight and you are cool ass peeps
Jason. Let's link up again next week sometimes.

-Ace Black

Can't take y'all Ninjass NOWHERE lol

You see this bill right here??


Can't take a group of black folks out for dinner anywhere. See I
thought the ladies said they were INDEPENDENT and then wanted a RING

So after arguing for about an hour about the bill, I decided to go
wash the dishes in the back. I need to be pampered. So this is my
warning to all. Take me to a restaurant and I will not pay my portion
if it's a group setting lol.

Can't say I never told you so :-p

-Ace Black

Saturday, November 8, 2008




18+ / 21 TO DRINK






118 E. McKellips Road (Mesa AZ)

Directions: From ASU Stadium
- Take the 202 East
- Exit off of McKellips Road
- Make a Right, Drive Towards Center St
- After Center Street, On The Left Side

Spread The Word.. The #1 Party School is back at it again.

@ The Same Location The Step Show After party was at.. Starting on Nov. 8th


Student ID: Required For Guys
GuestList Available for those without Student ID's
Dresscode: Collar shirts preferred
Absolutely NO Athletic Attire or Ball caps

18+ / 21 to Drink..
[ 10:00PM - 2 AM ]

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Voting Day Video

You've VOTED: Now What??



Good Morning My People


After watching the final debate the other night, it dawned on me that Obama could actually win this thing.  If that happens, there will be a lot of people(some of our co-workers included) who will be afraid that an Obama presidency will usher in the end of days.  They'll be watching us on November 5th (the day after the election) for signs of the end times.  


To keep the peace and keep a lot of folks from getting nervous, I think we should develop a list of acceptable celebrations and behaviors we should probably avoid - at least for the first few days:


1. No crying, hugging or shouting 'Thank you Lord' - at least not in public

2. No high-fives - at least not unless the area is clear and there are no witnesses

3. No laughing at the McCain/Palin supporters

4. No calling in sick on November 5th. They'll get nervous if too many of us don't show up.

5. We're allowed to give each other knowing winks or nods in passing. Just try to keep from grinning too hard.

6. No singing loudly, We've come this Far By Faith  (it will be acceptable to hum softly)

7. No bringing of barbeque ribs or fried chicken for lunch in the company lunchroom for at least a week (no chittlings at all) (this may make us seem too ethnic)

8. No leaving kool-aid packages at the water fountain (this might be a sign that poor folks might be getting a breakthrough)

9. No Electric Slide during breaks (this could indicate a little too much excitement)

10.Please no Moving on Up music  (we are going to try to remain humble)

11.No doing the George Jefferson dance (unless you're in your office with the door closed)

12.Please try not to yell----BOOOO YAH!

13.Just in case you're wondering, Doing the Running Man, cabbage patch, or a backhand spring on the highway is 100% okay. 


If I've missed anything feel free to add to the list. I just want to make sure we're all on the same page when Obama brings this thing home on November 5th. 

*********************************************** ENDORSES SEN. BARACK OBAMA



It's a Celebration Biatchezzz


Special Edition of SUGAR TUESDAY's


Hosted by: & POWER 98's J X 3
J x 3’s official album releas: “Election Day”
everyone at the party receives a Free copy!!!
Voter Sticker = NO COVER ALL NIGHT

Monday, November 3, 2008

Houston Rockets Game

Saturday was my last weekend out here in houston and I've enjoyed
every moment of it. I really fell in love with the city and all it had
to offer.

I decided that I wanted to do one more thing before I left the city.
But before I did that I decided to go catch a basketball game :-) lol.

I had front row seats behind the floor by the basket. I pulled a few
Strings, did the rain dance w a Lil bit of prayer and paid the local
scalper what he wanted with no budging on his price lol. But hey, like
I always say when I travel.

When in Rome...... Ha ha

I decided to drink the night away so most of the game and the evening
was taken care of by our following sponsors ;-) Heineken, Budweiser,
Corona, Grand Maurinier and Coca Cola lol. And Houston Taxi Company co
sponsored the evening.

The Rockets were playing the Oklahoma Thunder My Former city's Former
team Seattle Sonics :*(

I atleast got a chance to cheer for my newest favorite point guard for
over ten years since I've watched him grow.

Congratulaions to the Lil Homie Aaron Brooks from Seattle Wa Boys &
Girls Club to Oregon to the NBA Houston Rockets.

The rockets won the game, I acted a fool for the night and enjoyed
every bit of it.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Last nights winner: Mrs. Officer

Yeahh, I officially crown Mrs. Officer the baddest Lil outfit that I
saw last night for Halloween.

If you're a Man's man such as myself. You too at this age only look
forward to Halloween for one reason and one reason only. The TRICKS or
TREATS ;-) lol and I'm deffinately not talking about any candy either.

Halloween is the one time each year that you can see your best friend,
brother or the one guy you hates girlfriend in the most seductive
(slutiest) outfit ever. And for that reason only, you should NEVER
stay at home on a Halloween night. By all means this is the only time
you can compliment such a nice Lil tight ass on that one chick you've
been eyeing all year. I would say that most men (I'm not included) see
more women this scantily dressed than they do all year long, even if
it's their own girlfriends.

Now why with this phenomena you may ask?? Pretty simple if you ask me.
All women are freaks... (in a good way) men just get away with it
cause it's the status quo. This is the one time of the year that every
"good girl" you know get to join in and be a part of that status quo
(unless they've already ventured into the world of stripping). This is
by far the day of the year that they look forward to because all the
other cute outfits that they buy all year ain't got shit on what
they're going to wear for Halloween. Women LOVE, ENJOY, Eat breathe
and shit SEXY. So why wouldn't a woman take the one opportunity she
gets to really stunt on another bitches outfit?? If men could get 1
day a year to knock the next mu fucca out, posterize someone with a
mean dunk, Outrun the police in a car chase or whatever form we get
our addrenaline from; we would have a field day. So just understand
that being sexy on this one day is a huge rush for all women :-)

Ok. So going out last night with the aforementioned understanding, I
had a chance to put my years of observation to test in Downtown
Houston. I'll say that I was thouroughly pleased with my hypothesis on
this subject. I was once again correct about the outfits I was gonna

The one outfit that took my breath away time after time last night
was: Mrs. Officer :-) I'm pretty sure you saw her too in whichever
city you were in. She was the very sexxy young lady in a cop outfit
(shorts or a skirt) with a lovely top and either a hat or glasses.
This was the most put together outfit time after time that I saw
throughout the night. Either that or the women in houston just made it
look THAT goooood :-) I must say that I fell in love last night many a
times over and over again with every Mrs. Officer I saw. In fact I
think I mistook some real officers for costumes lol ;-) but those real
women of the law understood.

My close second outfit were all the maids (French or whichever) those
were some sexxy broads. I actually can use that term cause it was okay
to say it last night and since I'm reffering to last nights rules,
part of the outfit rules are the names that you refer to them in :-)

I also remember seeing some pocahantes' that were on point. What my
question is to you. Please let me know if I'm wrong in any part of my
assesment of the night and this blog. Which outfits did you wear and
why and which outfits did you see that won OUTFIT of the NIGHT.

-Ace Black

Monday, October 27, 2008

The "N" Club

I swear I'm not making none of this shit up lol. Last night in Houston
Texas my 3 melanin challenged friends and I were walking the streets
of downtown and stumbled upon this club. I know what you're probably
thinking cause I was thinking it too. How ironic was it too that this
N club was straight comedy. Luckily I was drunk.

So, we had been drinking gin and juice (a strong one might I add). The
line was PACKED and the fastest way to get in was by paying for VIP.
Being the smooth talker that I am, I was able to knock the price down
to $30 :-/ lol yeahh crazy. But my friends wanted to check out the
club so we decided, hey why not. It's only money right?? Ha ha. I
don't remember when was the last time I looked at $30 as only money. I
mean I've made money and I've lost money but I still know the value of
it. That's a lotta money for my frugal Kenyan Ass lol.

I will say this though. The place was Paaaacked and we headed straight
to the bar to partake in some more wonderful libations for the night.

But this is when I thought about the irony of the club name. After
about litteraly 20 mins cause I deff wasn't even finished with my
drink. There was an announcement over the speakers about the fire
Marshall this and everyone gotta leave then they'll let us all back in
rhettoric. I was litteraly like wowwww, it's only midnight and our
crew just spent over $150 within ten minutes. So we oblige and go
outside and to our amazement, it was a shammm. The club shut their
doors and kindly told everyone that the party was OVER :-//// Yeahhhh.
Just like that they shut the party down. I was too drunk to even be
pissed. I was dumb enough to agree to a $30 entry when I normally pay
Free-99 and I was the one to not pay attention to all the warning
signs about the atmosphere especially starting with the name of the
Club lol.

I loved the whole ambience of the straight hood ass feeling I got from
the packed line full of niggas to the smooth sly talking ass nigga
promoter who wanted all our money to the full presence of what seemed
like a whole police station outside cause it was a nigga party to
being wanded down patted down ID scanned like I was a nigga and the
overpriced ass drinks only niggas would pay to the packed ass dance
floor with hella fly ass biatchez n hood ass niggas throwing signs up
and bomb ass music that you would never hear anywhere cause only a
nigga ass Dj would know how to command such a crowd. ahhhhhhh yes I
did not for once feel uncomfortable in my surroundings because even
though most would, I felt at home because I've been raised around
niggas my whole life. BUT, I've never been bamboozled by a club
before. That's what I was mad at and I couldn't believe re irony that
the 1st time this happened to me was at an "N" club lol. Pure comedy.

(Ace Black loves Niggas and does not condone the use of the word Nigga
in a negative setting :-) lol)

-Ace Black

Concert: Cold War Kids

So while i'm out here in Houston, I've decided that I want to
experience re city and town. Im all about the Experience. So last
nights experience was going to a rock concert.

Transportation was a bitch from my hotel room but I finally got to re
concert Venue called The Warehouse in downtown houston. I wish I
wouldve gotten to the venue earlier cause the show was nice; but I
guess I had to enjoy what I saw 20 mins worth.

When I got to the venue, everything went smoothly. I didn't have to
wait in line and the bouncers kindly let me in without any hassles
(they must have known who I was and that I might do a revue on them
lol). I met up with 3 of my coleagues and grabbed a drink 1st ;-) (the
nights choice was Bombay gin and oj) yikes lol.

The venue was completely packed by the time I arrived and the speakers
was blaring loud music that I was not yet familiar to. From the crowd
response, and the sing alongs, this band deffinately knew how to
connect with their audience. Because I found myself jumping up and
down and nodding my head to their infectious tunes after a few
songs :-) I don't know wether it was the warm acceptance I was feeling
from the crowd (being that I was the only kenyan there lol) or maybe
that warmth was coming from my verry strong drink ;-) ha ha.

But from what I saw, I will say that The Cold War Kids made me want to
find out more about their music. So I added their station to my
pandora playlist and I suggest you do the same thing. The rest of the
night went off in a blurrr lol.

Cold war kids = great show if you get a chance to experience them live.

-Ace Black

Friday, October 24, 2008

Club Level: Houston, Tx

Tonight was Thursday and my boy Kamikaze from
came to pick me up for a night out on the town in H Town.

Soon as I hopped into my boys whip, I knew that we were in for an
adventure :-). We headed towards downtown and our 1st stop was at a
club whose name I forgot but it was nice. There were 4 benzes parked
in the entrance with sticker prices on them and that set the ambiance.
As I entered I knew that Houston was gonna give San Francisco a run
for their money from. Last week. Ohhh my f'n G were the ladies on
point. I stopped and talked to a young lady named candace and she
proceeded to tell me how whack it was for the night :-/. I was not
sold. Every girl in there was fly, I kid you not.

So after about 30 mins at that club, my boy had to go do some work at
a club down the street called level where we ended staying the rest of
the night at. The whole night was VIP as usual so the love was great.
(always roll with a ninja with status) ok. Sooo when I walked into
status I fell in love once again like 51 dates. The place had a nice
lounge setting to it and the lifhtig was nice and soft. After about 5
mins in the club, the drinks started coming and they did not stop for
the rest of the evening :-) (roll where the drinks are at).

My boy took me to the VIP booth and left me drinking while he took
pictures for the special event. ( check out his site
for all the fly events going down in Houston Texas. He introduced me
to the special guest for the night -Angel Lola Love- and Slim Thugg.
Angel was looking very beautiful and exotic and Slim Thugg was tall as
fux. I was kinda excited every time I saw a bottle being brought to
the table with flares attached to them like it was the 4th of
July :-). I met one of my sorority sisters named kayla and she was
pretty fly as all AKA's are known to be ;-) but really, she was down
to earth and cool as fux. Even before I found out she was Greek.

All in all, for my 1st night in Houston, the city was lovely, the
clubs were great and the women were deffinately on point. As of now
fellas, I'd say that you can't go wrong on Houston :-)

-Ace Black

Thursday, October 23, 2008

This weeks destination: Houston, TX

I just left San Jose Ca today. This week I'll be in Houston Texas for
business. I'll be out here for about two weeks so hopefully Houston
can show me a great time like the Bay Area did. I plan on attending
atleast a Texans Football game and a Rockets Basketball game next
week. To see more of my adventures, add me as a friend on Facebook
through the link on the right side of the screen.

-Ace Black

Surfing the Waves

Sooo, I'm all about new experiences nowadays when I travel. My good
friend Vicki suggested we go surfing while I was out there. Knowing
me, I'm all game for whateva.

We were supposed to leave at 6am but I slept in so we didn't end up
leaving till like 11am. Found out later that this was a better time
than 6am.

We drove down to the ocean and got there close to 1pm. After renting
some suits and the boards, we took off to the water.

The waves were hitting the shore hard and we had to strategize on how
to get in the water. We swam to the deep parts of the ocean trying to
find the perfect waves. The water was sooo cold that my foot was
frozen the whole time in the water.

I must say this though. Surfing takes alot of skill, strength and
stamina. After finding some good waves to surf the hard part was
trying to swim back to the middle of the ocean and not getting wiped
out by the coming waves.

We surfed for close to 4 hours. It still seems like a dream because it
was like nothing else I've ever done. So many times I was sure that
this was it. I will die by drowning lol. But luckily I had a good
teacher and it was well worth it.

Overall, visiting San Francisco has been my best trip overall thus
far :-)

-Ace Black

Club Air Lounge: Oakland

On Saturday night, my brother mike, homegirl Victoria and I went to a
club in Oakland called the Air Lounge.

This spot was really nice. Thanks to Vicki's connects, we had the VIP
treatment. We walked in and it was underground but the ambiance was
lovely. The music was live and for the 3rd night in a row, I fell in
love with the Bay Area's night life scene.

I had a few great conversations with a few young ladies. I met a group
of habesha ladies that were pretty funny and cool. I also met a Delta
from North Carolina who was vella funny. (send me that pic we took) I
lastly met this one beautiful sistah who was studying her law degree
out there and went to USC for undergrad. I think I was feeling her the
most but her friends kept on trynna get her away from my brother and I
lol. She knows who she is so I'll catch up with YOU later ;-) lol keep
up the studying though. I'll need a lawyer one day maybe.

-Ace Black

Club Toons: San Jose, CA

On Friday night my homegirl Victoria came and got me and we went to a
club called toons in San Jose. Man, the bay did not dissapoint for the
second night in a row. The music was live and the ladies were once
again on point. I love the parking lot pimpin scene in the bay.

-Ace Black

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Club Levende: San Francisco

On Thursday night my good friend Raq took my brother and I to a club
in San Francisco called Levende. We were having a fun ass time in the
hotel room that we left kinda late. Thanks to the GPS on the iPhone,
we finally found the club after travelling for an hour.

Upon walking into the club, I must say that I was kind of overtaken by
anxiety in my body. Not in a bad way, but like Wowwwwww (flavor flavor
excitement). There must have been a no ugly broads sign that we forgot
to read when we entered. I'm talking 7, 8's and 9's all over the club.
The girls were on point. Especially for a Thursday night I must say. I
will say check this spot out on a Thursday if you visit.

I will say that if any other night is a fluke, they sure went out of
their way to make me feel at home; cause they all came out for your
boy ;-)

-Ace Black

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This weeks destination: San Francisco

So we had a wonderful time last night at club PHX for a new night I'm
promoting called Sugar Tuesdays. It was cracking. Buttttt the only
part that sucked was that I had an early morning flight today.

I'm in San Francisco for the week. Let's see what kinda fun or trouble
we can find out here. Somebody told me to go check out the Castro
District. After googling it, I had to text them back with an Ha Ha.
Pretty funny Buddy. LOL.

Breast Cancer Awareness

In case you did not know. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. If
you've seen alot of pink merchandise this month; that's the reason. A
few years back I lost one of my Aunts to breast cancer and some
friends of mine have lost their mothers to the same illness.

I only pray that no more women in my life ever die of breast cancer.
If you are a lady please consult a doctor or others on how to try to
detect breast cancer before it spreads. For the rest of us, we can do
something just as little to try and help combat this illness by
donating to helping find the cure and awareness about it.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

And I Lived to blog about it...

Yesterday I almost DIED. My lil puny pathetic life flashed right in
front of my eyes. Ha ha. What u think I am. More like my great
fantastic fabulous life got scared shittless ha ha.

Now where was I? Yeahhh sooooo my lil buddy Rianna Rackwell (name has
been changed to protect her identity lol) came and got me for lunch.
Speeding off the parking lot should have been my 1st indication of the
great adventure we were about to go on lol.

We proceeded to hop on the freeway, but only after a blind man smacked
the hood of the car at the stop light and flicked us off cause she hit
his cane lol (made up to add to the story) but on the freeway we
almost crashed cause she cut off a huge semi causing him to honk the
big horn and all his water jugs flew off the back of his truck onto
the freeway. Yes if u were backed up in traffic for ours yesterday,
that was us who did that lol.

NOW! I don't know if this has ever happened to you or not. But you
know how when u are driving with someone and you've spent the whole
trip screaming "watch out" and u just at one time gotta shut up cause
you think they got the message? Well in my case I was one "watch out"
away from her understanding. Cause when we got to the parking lot of
the restaurant. She hit a parked truck in a huge ass wide open parking
lot lol. Blood was gushing everywhere, my neck n back started having
spasms and the guy in the truck she hit woke up from his power nap
LOL. Good thing I had my seatbelt on though cause my guts told me to
listen up earlier ha ha. The dude proceeded to whupp my ass since he
couldn't take out his anger on the young lady. He spun me over his
head n my moms got scared. So now I'll be moving with auntie n uncle
in Bell Air :-)

-Ace Black

This weeks destination: Phoenix, Az

Ahhhhh to be back in phoenix again. I love this place. The weather is
amazing. I can't believe I've been around cold ass weather for close
to a month now. Good to be back. My fraternity has a huge stepshow
this weekend. Come check it out.

-Ace Black

Friday, October 3, 2008

Ace Black's WORKOUT plan

Whenever I'm travelling and staying in different hotels there's
usually nothing else for me to do late at night. Usually in a new city
I like to just relax and stay close at night. Being that most hotels
have exercise rooms and training equipment, I usually like to utilize
them when I'm there.

I normally start out on the treadmill and run for 15mins. Usually this
results In a minimum of 1 1/2 - 2 miles or more.

I usually alternate situps in between my routines. I use the machines
alot and I normally keep my weights real low. Usually the most weights
I do for my reps are 60 pounds. But I do alotta reps. Having my iPhone
ha helped alot because I get to listen to tons of music while getting
in shape.

Soooo, what do you think of my progress :-)

This weeks Destination: Ocean Shores

So I just got into Ocean Shores WA last night. Kind of a small town.
I've heard about it all my life but now as an adult I'm coming for the
1st time and I'm looking at the place like :-/

Maybe it's the constant rain and drizzle that I've growned accustomed
to not liking ever since I was little and growing up in Seattle.

I guess Ocean Shores is off the far west coastline of Washington
State. I would love to see what it looks like sunny out here. But hey,
I see what gov Sara Palin was talking about. Cause from my hotel
window this morning I was able to see RUSSIA lol.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Why am I drawn to YOU?

- This isn't love nor lust at first sight.

But for some reason I'm just drawn to YOU..
Pure attraction at it's
I've been here before so it seems, but even with all that I've learned in the past and have sworn to never do again. I'm drawn to you.
I think I like, nooo.. I love the thrill.
Something new
-not like new shoes but f it I'll play street ball in
them still.
Sorta like a New subject that keeps your mind thinking and doing research about it. Writing Book Reports when you don't have to kinda New..

I walked into a crowded room and there you were.
This isn't love nor lust at first sight.

Is it your sleek slender shape?
Maybe it's your beautiful almond eyes.
Your complexion is arousing to me.
And the way you move is mesmerizing.
Could it be your soothing voice?
All these questions I can't answer.
All I know is that I'm drawn to you.
Maybe I like the journey that love n pain brings.
I love the fact that I'm drawn to you but...
No I'm just gonna keep eying you from over here.
Cause I'm just not quite yet ready to have you.

Maybe not you but hopefully when I'm quite ready it will be you or

someone who makes me feel the same way as you.

- As you can see, I crashed this party with no thoughts of ever meeting

- Now I have to live with the sweet thoughts of you until one day I can afford to

make an honest offer to drive off the lot with you.

-Damn don't go to car auctions with NO Money ;-)

-Ace Black

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Big ASU Party: Saturday Night!

Status (Asu Bye Week) Party
Saturday Sept. 27th

[ Free Crunk Juice ]
10 mins away from ASU

@ MAMA MARIA's (Mesa, AZ)
118 E. McKellips Road

From ASU:
- take the 202 east
- exit off of McKellips Road
- make a right, drive towards Center st.
- after center street it will be on the left side.

STUDENT ID: Required for Males
Lines will be long so arrive Early

-Ace Black

This weeks Destination: Portland

So I just drove into Portland Oregon today. It was raining the whole
drive and I'm still trynna get over my cold. I took some Airborne so
I'll let y'all know if that shit even works.

I feel like I'm on a constant grind but for some weird reason I kinda
like it. I love the iPhone cause I was able to operate 3 new business
ventures while driving. Calling, texting, emailing, approving artworks
for my next party this Saturday and actually posting it on Facebook.

I got a new website in the works and I'll let you know about it more
when I launch it.

-Ace Black

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Confused :-/

So I've been flying frequently lately. Last night when I was compng
back from Chicago I was confused. The flight attendant asked me what I
wanted to drink. I told her nah

I completely changed my response when she told me the beverages were
FREE for the week lol.

Guess I had to celebrate cause shit has deffinately changed since gas
prices went up. I was just happy to have been on a plane with FREE
drinks n snacks. These airlines have been messing with my head with
all these extra charges. Soon well have to pay a quarter to use the
restrooms or overhead compartments.

-Ace Black

Monday, September 22, 2008

This weeks Destination: Seattle

Yeah on the plane leaving Chicago. I love travelling an making a lil
bit of money too. When I land I'm off to the club on broadway. Used to
be an old church I heard.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Club liquid in New Hampshire

Yeahhhhhhh, so I'm at this club right now in new Hampshire and it's
like the only hip hop club they have and it's hood as f$&k.

When I as told about it they told me that they would like my type at
this club. I didn't know what they meant till I got here. There's like
litterally WHITE women and BLACK men only lol. Damn. I met one angry
black woman who introduced herself as "pregnant" from Boston and she
hates phoenix lol. Damn, I was really trynna dispell my views of east
coast women.

I am missing the kind gentle sweet PRETTY west coast women. It's all
good I'll be back next week :-)

- Ace Black

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Worst trip ever

I'm still getting my thoughts together about this trip. This blog will
be updated by the end of the day.

Puppies for sale

My homegirl has 7 new pitbulls for sale. They're kinda cute. Hit me up
if you would like one and I'll send you the number.

This weeks destination

OMFG the worst trip ever. I will write about it later, but this week
I'll be In Manchester NH. Had a layover in NC. Nice

Friday, September 5, 2008

Karaoke in pennsylvania

Yeah, so I'm in harrisburgh this week doing a trade show. My boys and
I went to a karaoke bar and got drunk and had hella fun. Yeahh, these
were the cutest chicks in the building. Tomorrow night I'm going
downtown Harrisburg. Lol

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

House party last night

These girls were at this houseparty I went to last night. They kept me
entertained cause they kept the party going live. Besides me, they
were kinda close to being the life of the party ;-) lol

This weeks destination

So I almost missed my flight this morning. But I made it and now got a
layover in chicago. Next stop philly. I'll post pics up from the trip

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tisk, tisk, tisk

This is my lil sister Teran. She's quite the lil pig lol. Ate all my
food so I told her I'll put her on blast. Since she never Checks this
site I'll leave this up for a while lol. I love you girl :-p

30 cent Wing Tues @ Native

The good ol Tuesday nights at native new yorkers. You get your wings
for 30 cents. As u can tell from this pic that by the time this is
posted up, I'll have a toothpick in my mouth n rubbing my belly at the
same time. Ahhhhhhh


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