Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have you're people call MY peoples

- so I was texting this cute lil shortie while driving and bumping my
Lil Bow Wow CD and this bullshit happened.

I hit an ice patch from this crazy Seattle weather and the car started
sliding down the road.

I hit a hot dog cart on the side walk and a fruit stand and barely
missed a woman with baby stroller (darn it, wouldve been worth 35
points). But after honking and trynna be the smooth defensive driver
that I am, this damn hyundai or whateva POS car this is decided to
stay still so I hit the MU Fahckha.. :-)

Aaaahhhhhhh it was a refreshing hit cause that old bastard decided to
get my insurance info afterwards. That's when I realized I wasn't on a
tv show and I wasn't able to skirt the fuxs out of that situation.

He would not take my advice to let me rub some lotion on that bumper
of his or betta yet, some damn tussin.. So I say F him..

Come n Get Meeeeeeeee..

(as this blog made it to print, we would like to let the reader know
that Ace Black Actually had his insurance company handle this matter
and he has yet to find out wether his rates went up or not)

- Ace Black

1 comment:

Laura said...

lmao u r soooo foolish 4 this!!!! true story???


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