Monday, October 27, 2008

The "N" Club

I swear I'm not making none of this shit up lol. Last night in Houston
Texas my 3 melanin challenged friends and I were walking the streets
of downtown and stumbled upon this club. I know what you're probably
thinking cause I was thinking it too. How ironic was it too that this
N club was straight comedy. Luckily I was drunk.

So, we had been drinking gin and juice (a strong one might I add). The
line was PACKED and the fastest way to get in was by paying for VIP.
Being the smooth talker that I am, I was able to knock the price down
to $30 :-/ lol yeahh crazy. But my friends wanted to check out the
club so we decided, hey why not. It's only money right?? Ha ha. I
don't remember when was the last time I looked at $30 as only money. I
mean I've made money and I've lost money but I still know the value of
it. That's a lotta money for my frugal Kenyan Ass lol.

I will say this though. The place was Paaaacked and we headed straight
to the bar to partake in some more wonderful libations for the night.

But this is when I thought about the irony of the club name. After
about litteraly 20 mins cause I deff wasn't even finished with my
drink. There was an announcement over the speakers about the fire
Marshall this and everyone gotta leave then they'll let us all back in
rhettoric. I was litteraly like wowwww, it's only midnight and our
crew just spent over $150 within ten minutes. So we oblige and go
outside and to our amazement, it was a shammm. The club shut their
doors and kindly told everyone that the party was OVER :-//// Yeahhhh.
Just like that they shut the party down. I was too drunk to even be
pissed. I was dumb enough to agree to a $30 entry when I normally pay
Free-99 and I was the one to not pay attention to all the warning
signs about the atmosphere especially starting with the name of the
Club lol.

I loved the whole ambience of the straight hood ass feeling I got from
the packed line full of niggas to the smooth sly talking ass nigga
promoter who wanted all our money to the full presence of what seemed
like a whole police station outside cause it was a nigga party to
being wanded down patted down ID scanned like I was a nigga and the
overpriced ass drinks only niggas would pay to the packed ass dance
floor with hella fly ass biatchez n hood ass niggas throwing signs up
and bomb ass music that you would never hear anywhere cause only a
nigga ass Dj would know how to command such a crowd. ahhhhhhh yes I
did not for once feel uncomfortable in my surroundings because even
though most would, I felt at home because I've been raised around
niggas my whole life. BUT, I've never been bamboozled by a club
before. That's what I was mad at and I couldn't believe re irony that
the 1st time this happened to me was at an "N" club lol. Pure comedy.

(Ace Black loves Niggas and does not condone the use of the word Nigga
in a negative setting :-) lol)

-Ace Black

Concert: Cold War Kids

So while i'm out here in Houston, I've decided that I want to
experience re city and town. Im all about the Experience. So last
nights experience was going to a rock concert.

Transportation was a bitch from my hotel room but I finally got to re
concert Venue called The Warehouse in downtown houston. I wish I
wouldve gotten to the venue earlier cause the show was nice; but I
guess I had to enjoy what I saw 20 mins worth.

When I got to the venue, everything went smoothly. I didn't have to
wait in line and the bouncers kindly let me in without any hassles
(they must have known who I was and that I might do a revue on them
lol). I met up with 3 of my coleagues and grabbed a drink 1st ;-) (the
nights choice was Bombay gin and oj) yikes lol.

The venue was completely packed by the time I arrived and the speakers
was blaring loud music that I was not yet familiar to. From the crowd
response, and the sing alongs, this band deffinately knew how to
connect with their audience. Because I found myself jumping up and
down and nodding my head to their infectious tunes after a few
songs :-) I don't know wether it was the warm acceptance I was feeling
from the crowd (being that I was the only kenyan there lol) or maybe
that warmth was coming from my verry strong drink ;-) ha ha.

But from what I saw, I will say that The Cold War Kids made me want to
find out more about their music. So I added their station to my
pandora playlist and I suggest you do the same thing. The rest of the
night went off in a blurrr lol.

Cold war kids = great show if you get a chance to experience them live.

-Ace Black

Friday, October 24, 2008

Club Level: Houston, Tx

Tonight was Thursday and my boy Kamikaze from
came to pick me up for a night out on the town in H Town.

Soon as I hopped into my boys whip, I knew that we were in for an
adventure :-). We headed towards downtown and our 1st stop was at a
club whose name I forgot but it was nice. There were 4 benzes parked
in the entrance with sticker prices on them and that set the ambiance.
As I entered I knew that Houston was gonna give San Francisco a run
for their money from. Last week. Ohhh my f'n G were the ladies on
point. I stopped and talked to a young lady named candace and she
proceeded to tell me how whack it was for the night :-/. I was not
sold. Every girl in there was fly, I kid you not.

So after about 30 mins at that club, my boy had to go do some work at
a club down the street called level where we ended staying the rest of
the night at. The whole night was VIP as usual so the love was great.
(always roll with a ninja with status) ok. Sooo when I walked into
status I fell in love once again like 51 dates. The place had a nice
lounge setting to it and the lifhtig was nice and soft. After about 5
mins in the club, the drinks started coming and they did not stop for
the rest of the evening :-) (roll where the drinks are at).

My boy took me to the VIP booth and left me drinking while he took
pictures for the special event. ( check out his site
for all the fly events going down in Houston Texas. He introduced me
to the special guest for the night -Angel Lola Love- and Slim Thugg.
Angel was looking very beautiful and exotic and Slim Thugg was tall as
fux. I was kinda excited every time I saw a bottle being brought to
the table with flares attached to them like it was the 4th of
July :-). I met one of my sorority sisters named kayla and she was
pretty fly as all AKA's are known to be ;-) but really, she was down
to earth and cool as fux. Even before I found out she was Greek.

All in all, for my 1st night in Houston, the city was lovely, the
clubs were great and the women were deffinately on point. As of now
fellas, I'd say that you can't go wrong on Houston :-)

-Ace Black

Thursday, October 23, 2008

This weeks destination: Houston, TX

I just left San Jose Ca today. This week I'll be in Houston Texas for
business. I'll be out here for about two weeks so hopefully Houston
can show me a great time like the Bay Area did. I plan on attending
atleast a Texans Football game and a Rockets Basketball game next
week. To see more of my adventures, add me as a friend on Facebook
through the link on the right side of the screen.

-Ace Black

Surfing the Waves

Sooo, I'm all about new experiences nowadays when I travel. My good
friend Vicki suggested we go surfing while I was out there. Knowing
me, I'm all game for whateva.

We were supposed to leave at 6am but I slept in so we didn't end up
leaving till like 11am. Found out later that this was a better time
than 6am.

We drove down to the ocean and got there close to 1pm. After renting
some suits and the boards, we took off to the water.

The waves were hitting the shore hard and we had to strategize on how
to get in the water. We swam to the deep parts of the ocean trying to
find the perfect waves. The water was sooo cold that my foot was
frozen the whole time in the water.

I must say this though. Surfing takes alot of skill, strength and
stamina. After finding some good waves to surf the hard part was
trying to swim back to the middle of the ocean and not getting wiped
out by the coming waves.

We surfed for close to 4 hours. It still seems like a dream because it
was like nothing else I've ever done. So many times I was sure that
this was it. I will die by drowning lol. But luckily I had a good
teacher and it was well worth it.

Overall, visiting San Francisco has been my best trip overall thus
far :-)

-Ace Black

Club Air Lounge: Oakland

On Saturday night, my brother mike, homegirl Victoria and I went to a
club in Oakland called the Air Lounge.

This spot was really nice. Thanks to Vicki's connects, we had the VIP
treatment. We walked in and it was underground but the ambiance was
lovely. The music was live and for the 3rd night in a row, I fell in
love with the Bay Area's night life scene.

I had a few great conversations with a few young ladies. I met a group
of habesha ladies that were pretty funny and cool. I also met a Delta
from North Carolina who was vella funny. (send me that pic we took) I
lastly met this one beautiful sistah who was studying her law degree
out there and went to USC for undergrad. I think I was feeling her the
most but her friends kept on trynna get her away from my brother and I
lol. She knows who she is so I'll catch up with YOU later ;-) lol keep
up the studying though. I'll need a lawyer one day maybe.

-Ace Black

Club Toons: San Jose, CA

On Friday night my homegirl Victoria came and got me and we went to a
club called toons in San Jose. Man, the bay did not dissapoint for the
second night in a row. The music was live and the ladies were once
again on point. I love the parking lot pimpin scene in the bay.

-Ace Black

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Club Levende: San Francisco

On Thursday night my good friend Raq took my brother and I to a club
in San Francisco called Levende. We were having a fun ass time in the
hotel room that we left kinda late. Thanks to the GPS on the iPhone,
we finally found the club after travelling for an hour.

Upon walking into the club, I must say that I was kind of overtaken by
anxiety in my body. Not in a bad way, but like Wowwwwww (flavor flavor
excitement). There must have been a no ugly broads sign that we forgot
to read when we entered. I'm talking 7, 8's and 9's all over the club.
The girls were on point. Especially for a Thursday night I must say. I
will say check this spot out on a Thursday if you visit.

I will say that if any other night is a fluke, they sure went out of
their way to make me feel at home; cause they all came out for your
boy ;-)

-Ace Black

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This weeks destination: San Francisco

So we had a wonderful time last night at club PHX for a new night I'm
promoting called Sugar Tuesdays. It was cracking. Buttttt the only
part that sucked was that I had an early morning flight today.

I'm in San Francisco for the week. Let's see what kinda fun or trouble
we can find out here. Somebody told me to go check out the Castro
District. After googling it, I had to text them back with an Ha Ha.
Pretty funny Buddy. LOL.

Breast Cancer Awareness

In case you did not know. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. If
you've seen alot of pink merchandise this month; that's the reason. A
few years back I lost one of my Aunts to breast cancer and some
friends of mine have lost their mothers to the same illness.

I only pray that no more women in my life ever die of breast cancer.
If you are a lady please consult a doctor or others on how to try to
detect breast cancer before it spreads. For the rest of us, we can do
something just as little to try and help combat this illness by
donating to helping find the cure and awareness about it.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

And I Lived to blog about it...

Yesterday I almost DIED. My lil puny pathetic life flashed right in
front of my eyes. Ha ha. What u think I am. More like my great
fantastic fabulous life got scared shittless ha ha.

Now where was I? Yeahhh sooooo my lil buddy Rianna Rackwell (name has
been changed to protect her identity lol) came and got me for lunch.
Speeding off the parking lot should have been my 1st indication of the
great adventure we were about to go on lol.

We proceeded to hop on the freeway, but only after a blind man smacked
the hood of the car at the stop light and flicked us off cause she hit
his cane lol (made up to add to the story) but on the freeway we
almost crashed cause she cut off a huge semi causing him to honk the
big horn and all his water jugs flew off the back of his truck onto
the freeway. Yes if u were backed up in traffic for ours yesterday,
that was us who did that lol.

NOW! I don't know if this has ever happened to you or not. But you
know how when u are driving with someone and you've spent the whole
trip screaming "watch out" and u just at one time gotta shut up cause
you think they got the message? Well in my case I was one "watch out"
away from her understanding. Cause when we got to the parking lot of
the restaurant. She hit a parked truck in a huge ass wide open parking
lot lol. Blood was gushing everywhere, my neck n back started having
spasms and the guy in the truck she hit woke up from his power nap
LOL. Good thing I had my seatbelt on though cause my guts told me to
listen up earlier ha ha. The dude proceeded to whupp my ass since he
couldn't take out his anger on the young lady. He spun me over his
head n my moms got scared. So now I'll be moving with auntie n uncle
in Bell Air :-)

-Ace Black

This weeks destination: Phoenix, Az

Ahhhhh to be back in phoenix again. I love this place. The weather is
amazing. I can't believe I've been around cold ass weather for close
to a month now. Good to be back. My fraternity has a huge stepshow
this weekend. Come check it out.

-Ace Black

Friday, October 3, 2008

Ace Black's WORKOUT plan

Whenever I'm travelling and staying in different hotels there's
usually nothing else for me to do late at night. Usually in a new city
I like to just relax and stay close at night. Being that most hotels
have exercise rooms and training equipment, I usually like to utilize
them when I'm there.

I normally start out on the treadmill and run for 15mins. Usually this
results In a minimum of 1 1/2 - 2 miles or more.

I usually alternate situps in between my routines. I use the machines
alot and I normally keep my weights real low. Usually the most weights
I do for my reps are 60 pounds. But I do alotta reps. Having my iPhone
ha helped alot because I get to listen to tons of music while getting
in shape.

Soooo, what do you think of my progress :-)

This weeks Destination: Ocean Shores

So I just got into Ocean Shores WA last night. Kind of a small town.
I've heard about it all my life but now as an adult I'm coming for the
1st time and I'm looking at the place like :-/

Maybe it's the constant rain and drizzle that I've growned accustomed
to not liking ever since I was little and growing up in Seattle.

I guess Ocean Shores is off the far west coastline of Washington
State. I would love to see what it looks like sunny out here. But hey,
I see what gov Sara Palin was talking about. Cause from my hotel
window this morning I was able to see RUSSIA lol.


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