Thursday, October 23, 2008

Club Air Lounge: Oakland

On Saturday night, my brother mike, homegirl Victoria and I went to a
club in Oakland called the Air Lounge.

This spot was really nice. Thanks to Vicki's connects, we had the VIP
treatment. We walked in and it was underground but the ambiance was
lovely. The music was live and for the 3rd night in a row, I fell in
love with the Bay Area's night life scene.

I had a few great conversations with a few young ladies. I met a group
of habesha ladies that were pretty funny and cool. I also met a Delta
from North Carolina who was vella funny. (send me that pic we took) I
lastly met this one beautiful sistah who was studying her law degree
out there and went to USC for undergrad. I think I was feeling her the
most but her friends kept on trynna get her away from my brother and I
lol. She knows who she is so I'll catch up with YOU later ;-) lol keep
up the studying though. I'll need a lawyer one day maybe.

-Ace Black

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