Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy hour: Kona Grill

Hmmm. My frat Job, Roy, Josh and I met up with some of our homegirls
for happy hour today at the kona grill in scottsdale.

Hmm.. Never really had sushi before but I'd like to go on the record
saying that I DONT LIKE IT :-)

Just give me the rice rolled up and some wasabe sauce or something
lol. I don't like raw food but I'm down to try new things.

We ordered some Californian rolls and philladelphia rolls.

Well, now back to the crib for more drinks n head out to Phx for my
dude Karlos Dansby's party from the Cardinals.

-Ace Black

1 comment:

britne.estrella said...

you do all the fun stuff w.out mii


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