Monday, September 29, 2008

Why am I drawn to YOU?

- This isn't love nor lust at first sight.

But for some reason I'm just drawn to YOU..
Pure attraction at it's
I've been here before so it seems, but even with all that I've learned in the past and have sworn to never do again. I'm drawn to you.
I think I like, nooo.. I love the thrill.
Something new
-not like new shoes but f it I'll play street ball in
them still.
Sorta like a New subject that keeps your mind thinking and doing research about it. Writing Book Reports when you don't have to kinda New..

I walked into a crowded room and there you were.
This isn't love nor lust at first sight.

Is it your sleek slender shape?
Maybe it's your beautiful almond eyes.
Your complexion is arousing to me.
And the way you move is mesmerizing.
Could it be your soothing voice?
All these questions I can't answer.
All I know is that I'm drawn to you.
Maybe I like the journey that love n pain brings.
I love the fact that I'm drawn to you but...
No I'm just gonna keep eying you from over here.
Cause I'm just not quite yet ready to have you.

Maybe not you but hopefully when I'm quite ready it will be you or

someone who makes me feel the same way as you.

- As you can see, I crashed this party with no thoughts of ever meeting

- Now I have to live with the sweet thoughts of you until one day I can afford to

make an honest offer to drive off the lot with you.

-Damn don't go to car auctions with NO Money ;-)

-Ace Black


Born in Kenya | Raised in Seattle Wa. | Transformed in Phoenix Az. | With Plans of Going Back to Make a Difference in the World before Time Runs out... These blog postings are breadcrumbs that leave a path traveled and pieces of a Big Picture.