Monday, November 3, 2008

Houston Rockets Game

Saturday was my last weekend out here in houston and I've enjoyed
every moment of it. I really fell in love with the city and all it had
to offer.

I decided that I wanted to do one more thing before I left the city.
But before I did that I decided to go catch a basketball game :-) lol.

I had front row seats behind the floor by the basket. I pulled a few
Strings, did the rain dance w a Lil bit of prayer and paid the local
scalper what he wanted with no budging on his price lol. But hey, like
I always say when I travel.

When in Rome...... Ha ha

I decided to drink the night away so most of the game and the evening
was taken care of by our following sponsors ;-) Heineken, Budweiser,
Corona, Grand Maurinier and Coca Cola lol. And Houston Taxi Company co
sponsored the evening.

The Rockets were playing the Oklahoma Thunder My Former city's Former
team Seattle Sonics :*(

I atleast got a chance to cheer for my newest favorite point guard for
over ten years since I've watched him grow.

Congratulaions to the Lil Homie Aaron Brooks from Seattle Wa Boys &
Girls Club to Oregon to the NBA Houston Rockets.

The rockets won the game, I acted a fool for the night and enjoyed
every bit of it.

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