Friday, December 26, 2008

I Was Struck By Lightning 7 times

"Did I ever tell you that I was struck by lightning 7 times??" lol

You'll get what I'm talking about when you take yourself out for a
treat Togo and watch Brad Pitt's new movie, The Curious Case Of
Benjamin Buttons.

This is a remarkable story of a mans journey through life and the many
adventures he goes on but he has the uncanny ability to age backwards.

When I first saw the previews for this movie, I just knew that I would
deff see it the first day out and I'm sure glad I did. This is why I
was born in this time period. The visual effects were stunning. Only
the best that this days technology can bring you. The story line is
also magnificent.

I will say set aside some time to watch this epic tale because it's
over 2 hours long, but if you love great movies; it should not be a
problem at all. Think of Forrest Gump mixed with Big Fish and a Lil
bit of Titanic and this is what you get.

I give this movie 2 Balls Hard :-) lol.. The best of the year..

- Ace Black

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have you're people call MY peoples

- so I was texting this cute lil shortie while driving and bumping my
Lil Bow Wow CD and this bullshit happened.

I hit an ice patch from this crazy Seattle weather and the car started
sliding down the road.

I hit a hot dog cart on the side walk and a fruit stand and barely
missed a woman with baby stroller (darn it, wouldve been worth 35
points). But after honking and trynna be the smooth defensive driver
that I am, this damn hyundai or whateva POS car this is decided to
stay still so I hit the MU Fahckha.. :-)

Aaaahhhhhhh it was a refreshing hit cause that old bastard decided to
get my insurance info afterwards. That's when I realized I wasn't on a
tv show and I wasn't able to skirt the fuxs out of that situation.

He would not take my advice to let me rub some lotion on that bumper
of his or betta yet, some damn tussin.. So I say F him..

Come n Get Meeeeeeeee..

(as this blog made it to print, we would like to let the reader know
that Ace Black Actually had his insurance company handle this matter
and he has yet to find out wether his rates went up or not)

- Ace Black

This is some Pure BULLSHYTT

Hmmm 12 days of snow?? Really?? Worst shit ever in Seattle in years.

Yeah yeah, I came out to visit the fam for the holidays, but this was
not part of the plans. You see that sweatshirt I got on?? Yeah..
That's what living in phoenix does to you to get you in f'd up
situations when travelling lol.

I've been stuck in the house litteraly for 5 days straight. I used to
love snow as a child but this shit right here Niggahh.. This ain't the
bizz lol.

I've been seeing penguins walking outside the windows snowball
fighting polar bears. I wouldve went out but it was too cold.

This damn weather deff chopped n screwed me this time around :-/ can't
even really hang out with my old friends. Well.. Hopefully wherever
you are, you're quite warm cause I'm freezing my balls off down here

- Ace Black

We are NOT ready..

I happened to stumble onto a gun store one day with my frat brother
Sixxx out in Scottsdale.

We were out just relaxing and wasting the full tank of gas I had just
purchased by cruising through the mean streets of Tempe and Scottsdale
Az :-)

We looked at a few guns and decided to ask alotta questions... What we
found out was that alotta right wing (I don't know the difference
between right or left wing but right sounds cool lol) Americans
believe that WE (moreso they) as Americans will lose alot of our
rights as gun carrying Americans with an Obama presidency.

We spent about an hour in the store checking out the guns, talking to
the customers and registering for classes that we never went to.

What I do remember from my experience at this gun store was this.


I had to remember where I was at because within my time in that store,
all I saw were non Kenyan ;-) Americans entering and buying new
weaponries. They knew more shit than I did and they deffinately knew
all the laws associated with gun ownership in the state of Arizona.

I myself did not know that in Az you could have your weapon on you as
long as it was not concealed (I actually did, but for this blog I'll
say I didn't lol). And I did not know about all the differet kind of
weaponries that might be banned should Uncle Obama make the gun laws
stricter in the states.

I'll say this.. I'm not a big bang bang shoot em up typpa person but
if shit was to go bad.. I'm staying my ass in the house cause them
nerd looking ass cats I saw coming in and out of that store knew they
shit about the laws, About them guns and deff about which bullets
pierced witch armors lol.

We Kenyan Americans ;-) are not ready should a race war break out :-)
but that's why I'm glad I live in the states where Blacks, Whites,
Hispanics can live together in harmony with Kenyan Americans just like
myself :-)

- Ace Black

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mos Def Concert: Seattle

Upon reaching Seattle last week, the buzz around town was an upcoming
show from rapper/musician Mos Def at the Moore Theatre. I set out to
find out a way to go check this show out being that I've never seen
Mos Def perform live.

I would like to give a special thank you to our good friends over at
who were able to sponsor us with some tickets for the show. Also to
my guy T. Baisy with Vibrant 206 for directing us with where to go for
the night.

The show started at 10pm when it was listed to start at 8pm. Being
that it had snowed the night earlier, I was understanding of the late
start. The place was packed with lots of Mos Def Fans.. You know the
type.. Old hip hop heads and for lack of a better visual I'd say think
of the kids who played hackey sack during lunch in high school. I'm
not making fun of anyone, but for the quick brief look in the lobby, I
found this to be the core audience of the show.

Being that the only album of Mos' that I'm familiar with is the one
which had Ms. Fat Booty on it. I know, I know and I do admit it. I'm
kind of a main stream, radio pop type of listener so I did not know
what to expect of Mos Defs performance being that the album ok
familiar with was almost 10 years old.

:-/ I will say that my interpatation of the show was as such. Mos Def
has 2 playlists that he uses. I say this because most of all the
concerts I've been to, I have atleast known 1 song by the artist. My
theory was that the overly major white mos def fans in the crowd had
him perform to tailor the needs of the audience.

None of the songs were familiar to me and a few of the people I was
with were also looking at each other trying to figure out what we were
witnesing. I was particularly upset when the show ended at 11pm and
still no Ms. Fat Booty or any of his other hits he created with Talib
Kweli. I will have to say that I left the show feeling hurt in a way
I've never felt before after leaving a concert. I admit, I haven't
checked for Mos recently, but after the show I definately will not be
to keen on giving his music a chance. I would have to say that it's
close to being one of my least favorite live shows i've been to.

- Ace Black

What is this white stuff??

I don't know about y'all but I'm freezing my balls off as I write
this. Seattle was hit with some snow this past week and I being the
dummy I am decided that I would extend my trip another 2 weeks.

The last time I saw snow was in the 1990's and this was a terrible re-
introduction. Can't wait till I head back to phoenix for new years.

Snow = No Bueno

- Ace Black

Ace Black's Beef Stew of Love

Fellas.. Here's a perfected recipe that has been Ace Black Proven to
get you that one special lady you've been eying this whole time. If
you would like to seal the deal, invite her over to your place for
some beef stew. Follow these instructions I've created and you should
be able to have the best love making night of your life :-)

-Start out with half an onion chopped
- place onions in pot with oil till brown
- cut a full tomatoe and place that in the pot also
- cut up your beef in small chunks and place in the pot.
- cover pot let simmer add some water and let boil
- add cut up pieces of potatoes to the stew
- add cilantro when the stew is almost done

When you've made the beef stew just right, serve it to your partner
with some bread.

After she's finished with her beef stew; you should ask her to now
feed you some of herrrr beef stew ;-)

be sure to not let any of that sweet chunky soup spill. Be sure to
taste every last bit and ask for more when you're done :-)

Thank me later fellas.

Ladies, start asking you're fellas if they know how to make Ace
Black's Beef Stew of Love :-) Youre welcome..

- Ace Black

Monday, December 8, 2008

This weeks destination: Seattle

I'm back in this cold ass city. Thanks to our flight sponsor southwest
airlines :-). Last nights flight was scary, but I give it up to the
lord who helped guide the pilots through the Lil tire blowout we had
upon landing.

Luckily I was sleeping and it woke me up with the quickness lol. But
I'm still here and quite alive.

The plans for Seattle are to just chill, relax with the fam and a few
close friends. A certain someone owes me a night of bowling and some
chill movies :-) lol. Hmmm, it's super cold so I'll be indoors most of
the time being that I don't own any jackets ha ha.

Ace Black

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Men of Status: 2009 Calendar Coming Soon...









Let Sir Plus reintroduce himself

DJ SIR PLUS (aka DJ Puppy Luv) is not only a DJ, but also a producer, writer, and performer. The artist (whose real name is Steven Chambers) was born and raised in South Phoenix. “The Southside was rough growing up! People automatically assumed that you were into the drugs, gangs and violence. A lot of people saw themselves giving in to the Southside street life and making bad choices, but I’ve overcome it and now I’m a Man of Status!”, he exclaims.

Sir Plus has been immersed in the DJ industry since junior high school, hustling school dances and house parties. In high school, Sir Plus danced, choreographed and played sports such as volleyball and basketball. Sports gave him something to focus on instead of hanging out, smoking, drinking and doing the normal mischievous things kids his age were doing. He was always active in his community when he was kid and that’s what kept him out of trouble and learning new things. Growing up, Sir Plus worked for the City of Phoenix in Parks & Recreation. He worked with at-risk youth and was a director for four different dance groups.

Sir Plus has been working extremely hard to get his name known for past ten years, and has recently changed his name from DJ Puppy Luv to DJ Sir Plus to recognize a decade of growth. Sir meaning grown man and Plus meaning having a positive outlook on life. “A lot of people thought that I was just a DJ but I do so much more. I MC, rap, host and perform”, says Chambers, “Puppy Luv was too cute of a rapper name, and after ten years it was finally time to let it go.

Sir Plus took DJing seriously after graduating from high school and has deejayed for the likes of Jay-z, Madonna, N Sync, Bow Wow, Mya, Soulja Boy, Amare Stoudemire and more. He’s has made numerous guest appearances on Power 98.3, at Phoenix Suns games, Arizona State University events, the Arizona Cardinals games, as well as night clubs all across Arizona, both urban and non urban. When he performs, his energy is infectious. His hard work has been fully recognized across the country including Arizona, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York and recently in Africa where he was chosen to represent the deejays of America. He has already received many awards including his most noted award for best DJ in Arizona in 2001.

In 2005, Sir Plus had his first and only child, which was a special moment in his life. In 2006, Sir Plus and his child’s mother went their separate ways. Even through his turmoil, Sir Plus still believes he’s one of the few guys who want to make an effort to be a good father. To be better father and caretaker for his family, he moved to LasVegas, a city where he had no family or friends. After moving to Las Vegas, Sir Plus truly realized the value of family and how important they are in one’s life.

In the future, Sir Plus plans to DJ internationally, and become a video jockey for a major television network or internet site. He plans to continue to grow his music production company and clothing line, tour statewide, and provide entertainment workshops and seminars for teens and kids.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Groomsmen Horor Story

My brother Nerayo had his wedding this past weekend to my sister
laura. Noooo not like in the Midwest, but afterrrrrrr they got married
she became my sister in law lol.

I was super excited because this was my first wedding being a part of
the wedding party. I got fitted for the tux months ago and before I
left phoenix, I watched Wedding Crashers and The Mack religiously all
week to try n find a middle ground for this new HORizon I was gonna
face :-)

But as soon as I got into town, all the glitz n glamour we were
promised as groomsmen to lure us in went away.


To all you future groomsmen who think you'll just wear a tux n look
fly to all the ladies, beware... The wedding is the one time your boy
can and will pull out all the favors you owe him and you can't say no
lol. Can't say I didn't warn yah. If you wanna be a good friend, keep
him from getting married. That way you won't have to do the stuff me
and the groomsmen did this weekend lol

Day 1

-we picked up family from the airport alllllllll day long. Forgot that
family likes pulling the fam card n always needs a ride in a new
city :-) lol

-we picked up all the tux's.. Yeah, they don't just magically appear.

-we had to go to the wedding dress rehearsal. But we got to meet the
bridesmaids ;-) thumbs up

-we had to go buy the liquors.. Store runs are made by groomsmen

-we partied late till 4am :-)

Day 2

- woke up at 7am... Ouchhhh gimme 10 more mins please.

- we started setting up the reception hall from 8am - 1pm

- all the flowers, table clothes etc we made.. Where r the
bridesmaids?? Ohh yeah, they're getting their nails done for the
wedding :-) lol back to work groomsmen

- we shook hands n kissed babies gave hugs n took pictures after the
wedding. Thumbs up :-)

- we DID GET TO EAT 1st.. Yesssss

- we deffinately got drunk. Okay getting better :-)

Day 3

- what u mean we gotta go clean up lol

Yeah after the cleanup, we had to go set up the African Wedding
portion. Not to mention return the cool looking tuxes we had.

I had fun and was deff put to work. But you know what, it was well
worth it because my brother and his wife had the best wedding ever and
I'm glad that I was able to HELP out lol.

- Ace Black

Monday, December 1, 2008

Just Hanging Around

Sooooo I've been looking for a job that's fun.

What do y'all think about this one :-)

Since I'm kinda known to "hang" this just might work ;-) lol

-Ace Black

This weeks Destination: Oakland

So I went to Oakland the Day after thanksgiving. My flight was for 7am
and since I thought the day after thanksgiving would be an ectic
travel day. I chose to get to the airport by 4am.

Crickets, crickets, crickets lol

Yeah.. I could slept in jus a Lil bit lol. This is exactly how it
looked. I walked through the airport with a breeze.

But anyways, I was going to Oakland for my Brother Nerayo's Wedding. I
had a blast and you'll read about it in my future blogs.

-Ace Black


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