Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Confused :-/

So I've been flying frequently lately. Last night when I was compng
back from Chicago I was confused. The flight attendant asked me what I
wanted to drink. I told her nah

I completely changed my response when she told me the beverages were
FREE for the week lol.

Guess I had to celebrate cause shit has deffinately changed since gas
prices went up. I was just happy to have been on a plane with FREE
drinks n snacks. These airlines have been messing with my head with
all these extra charges. Soon well have to pay a quarter to use the
restrooms or overhead compartments.

-Ace Black


britne.estrella said...

yu make me smile =]
i am too weak.

sheit next time ask them if they have hamburgers.

brie.jay said...

woww...that's so real...why do you travel so much??? Can I come with you??


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