Monday, October 27, 2008

The "N" Club

I swear I'm not making none of this shit up lol. Last night in Houston
Texas my 3 melanin challenged friends and I were walking the streets
of downtown and stumbled upon this club. I know what you're probably
thinking cause I was thinking it too. How ironic was it too that this
N club was straight comedy. Luckily I was drunk.

So, we had been drinking gin and juice (a strong one might I add). The
line was PACKED and the fastest way to get in was by paying for VIP.
Being the smooth talker that I am, I was able to knock the price down
to $30 :-/ lol yeahh crazy. But my friends wanted to check out the
club so we decided, hey why not. It's only money right?? Ha ha. I
don't remember when was the last time I looked at $30 as only money. I
mean I've made money and I've lost money but I still know the value of
it. That's a lotta money for my frugal Kenyan Ass lol.

I will say this though. The place was Paaaacked and we headed straight
to the bar to partake in some more wonderful libations for the night.

But this is when I thought about the irony of the club name. After
about litteraly 20 mins cause I deff wasn't even finished with my
drink. There was an announcement over the speakers about the fire
Marshall this and everyone gotta leave then they'll let us all back in
rhettoric. I was litteraly like wowwww, it's only midnight and our
crew just spent over $150 within ten minutes. So we oblige and go
outside and to our amazement, it was a shammm. The club shut their
doors and kindly told everyone that the party was OVER :-//// Yeahhhh.
Just like that they shut the party down. I was too drunk to even be
pissed. I was dumb enough to agree to a $30 entry when I normally pay
Free-99 and I was the one to not pay attention to all the warning
signs about the atmosphere especially starting with the name of the
Club lol.

I loved the whole ambience of the straight hood ass feeling I got from
the packed line full of niggas to the smooth sly talking ass nigga
promoter who wanted all our money to the full presence of what seemed
like a whole police station outside cause it was a nigga party to
being wanded down patted down ID scanned like I was a nigga and the
overpriced ass drinks only niggas would pay to the packed ass dance
floor with hella fly ass biatchez n hood ass niggas throwing signs up
and bomb ass music that you would never hear anywhere cause only a
nigga ass Dj would know how to command such a crowd. ahhhhhhh yes I
did not for once feel uncomfortable in my surroundings because even
though most would, I felt at home because I've been raised around
niggas my whole life. BUT, I've never been bamboozled by a club
before. That's what I was mad at and I couldn't believe re irony that
the 1st time this happened to me was at an "N" club lol. Pure comedy.

(Ace Black loves Niggas and does not condone the use of the word Nigga
in a negative setting :-) lol)

-Ace Black


Keemara said...

haha....why cant i follow ur makes me sad =(
u made me laugh when i was reading this LoL

Miss Zundria said... that is something..."N" Club...i must remember not to go there...

britne.estrella said...

this is hilarious
i mean he got yall.!

oh pooptho ... jus like some nga's tho.

sorry i don't mean to laugh at ur misfortune

yu know my heart

Ace Black said...

Ha Ha.. Fool Me Once.. Shame on You..

Ace Black Never get's Fooled Twice though :-)


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