Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hating Asses :-)

This weeks topic is: Boys who Hate on other MEN they admire or look up
to :-)

I've tried for the longest to stay outta such talk but it has came to
my attention that maybe some guys are not really happy at how my boys
n I roll :-) Damnnnn. Oh well, does it bother me?? Nahhh.. But here
are a few rules or suggestions for those who act as such.

1) Never ever ever shall a man pour his heart out to a woman and
within the same sentence tell that same woman that she shouldn't fuxs
with me cause I gotta ton of broads and she's now added to my list :-/

That's just kinda lame. She see's through your total lackness of balls
and shell most likely let me know about it ;-)

2) Just because you might see me at the club often with different Lady
Friends of mine, enjoying ourselves; it's not cool to try n bring my
name up to get her number on the sly :-)

How about the next time you see her without me, introduce yourself
without adding "hey, I saw you with my boy Ace Black.. Let's exchange
numbers" this too shows that you can't stand on your own and will use
any close form of association to get her attention. She will still let
me know about it ;-)

3) When I walk by a girl you're grabbing hella close to you, and she
proceeds to find a way to loosen your grip just to come say hello to
me. Please do not try to whisper in her ears not to head towards me.

Come on now fellas. Is this what the game has come down to?? Maybe I
know her sister or we've taken a class together. Basically, I have a
radiant personality and I know lots of women from everywhere. So when
you put such limits on a girl you're talking to, it makes you look
whack and spineless. Plus she'll most likely come back n tell me lol..
Getting the picture yet?? ;-)

4) If I happen to walk by a girl that you're feeling and she starts
grinding up on me and we start dancing. Please don't walk in front of
her and start causing her scene causing her to interrupt our dance :-/

What this is showing is signs of insecurity. You can't handle a woman
dancing with another man. Being that I'm a man that's not confined to
any roles, I can be hood, smart, quite and a dancer or whatever I feel
like. I have confidence in myself and the women notice that. They just
wanna have a good time and dance with me :-) acting as such only makes
a scene and shell come back later telling me why she had to stop.

5) If you're homegirl mentions hanging out with me or plans on hanging
out with me. Please don't get a heart attack or jump to any
conclusions and try to stop her by planting doubt in her head.

You don't know me and you don't know who I'm seeing or with. I'm sure
every lady whose had the chance to hang out with me for a night has
enjoyed herself more than most men they've hung out with. They enjoy
the fact that my attention is on them and only them for the night. And
since a gentleman never kisses n tells. I'm sure you won't find any
lady out there who thinks that im a dog or a hoe ;-)

In other words..

If you're a lady, try getting to know me first. Just a Lil bit and
you'll quicky find out I'm dedfinately very different from what you're
used to. Do your research. Ask your girls if they know me if you must.
Even ask them if they know of anyone i've been with. You'll be
surprised ;-) then come holla at me.

If you're a boy.. Maybe you should try being our friends, cause
atleast we don't talk to each others girls ;-) lol

Relax, enjoy life and Stop Hating :-)

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