Friday, September 19, 2008

Club liquid in New Hampshire

Yeahhhhhhh, so I'm at this club right now in new Hampshire and it's
like the only hip hop club they have and it's hood as f$&k.

When I as told about it they told me that they would like my type at
this club. I didn't know what they meant till I got here. There's like
litterally WHITE women and BLACK men only lol. Damn. I met one angry
black woman who introduced herself as "pregnant" from Boston and she
hates phoenix lol. Damn, I was really trynna dispell my views of east
coast women.

I am missing the kind gentle sweet PRETTY west coast women. It's all
good I'll be back next week :-)

- Ace Black

1 comment:

britne.estrella said...

ima east coast woman. we not all bad. cnt wait for the traces of my dna to appear. and thank you .! =)


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