Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Club Levende: San Francisco

On Thursday night my good friend Raq took my brother and I to a club
in San Francisco called Levende. We were having a fun ass time in the
hotel room that we left kinda late. Thanks to the GPS on the iPhone,
we finally found the club after travelling for an hour.

Upon walking into the club, I must say that I was kind of overtaken by
anxiety in my body. Not in a bad way, but like Wowwwwww (flavor flavor
excitement). There must have been a no ugly broads sign that we forgot
to read when we entered. I'm talking 7, 8's and 9's all over the club.
The girls were on point. Especially for a Thursday night I must say. I
will say check this spot out on a Thursday if you visit.

I will say that if any other night is a fluke, they sure went out of
their way to make me feel at home; cause they all came out for your
boy ;-)

-Ace Black

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