Sunday, November 16, 2008

Meet me at the DENNYS

Tonight was a goodnight. There were a few spots to choose from. There
was Amare Stoudemires B'day party going on in Scottsdale and Allen
Iverson was hosting a party also down in phoenix.

We decided to go to Oscar Taylors for Iversons party. Much love to my
dude Kevin from Liquid Ent for showin us love at the door. My dudes Dj
Kaydee and Dj Phlava kept both rooms live with good music throughout
the night.

The spot was packed, AI and the pistons were there and the ladies were
looking on point. But guess what, your boy Ace Black was "Cup Caking"
tonight lol. Yhupp, guilty as charged. Upon leaving the club, a nice
young lady deff let me know about my cup caking abilities in the club
ha ha

Note to self: when cupcaking at a club, make sure to bring extras
cause it's not nice to be the only one with sweets while others just
watch ;-) lol

But yeah, after the club my good friend the picture guy for, the homegirls Ce and Faboulousity n the homie Jason
decided to go chill at the dennys down the street. We had a good time,
discussed a lot of fun topics and ate some good food.

Here's a list of topics you can cover when waffle housing it up after
a drunk night at the club :-)

Cup caking, Breast and testicle examinations (for cancer of course),
cellibacy, long body parts that tickle the heart, cuddle buddies,
crackin ass parties, having 2 baby mommas, carrying magnums just
incase and many other fun stuff lol.

It was nice meeting you two ladies tonight and you are cool ass peeps
Jason. Let's link up again next week sometimes.

-Ace Black

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