Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We are NOT ready..

I happened to stumble onto a gun store one day with my frat brother
Sixxx out in Scottsdale.

We were out just relaxing and wasting the full tank of gas I had just
purchased by cruising through the mean streets of Tempe and Scottsdale
Az :-)

We looked at a few guns and decided to ask alotta questions... What we
found out was that alotta right wing (I don't know the difference
between right or left wing but right sounds cool lol) Americans
believe that WE (moreso they) as Americans will lose alot of our
rights as gun carrying Americans with an Obama presidency.

We spent about an hour in the store checking out the guns, talking to
the customers and registering for classes that we never went to.

What I do remember from my experience at this gun store was this.


I had to remember where I was at because within my time in that store,
all I saw were non Kenyan ;-) Americans entering and buying new
weaponries. They knew more shit than I did and they deffinately knew
all the laws associated with gun ownership in the state of Arizona.

I myself did not know that in Az you could have your weapon on you as
long as it was not concealed (I actually did, but for this blog I'll
say I didn't lol). And I did not know about all the differet kind of
weaponries that might be banned should Uncle Obama make the gun laws
stricter in the states.

I'll say this.. I'm not a big bang bang shoot em up typpa person but
if shit was to go bad.. I'm staying my ass in the house cause them
nerd looking ass cats I saw coming in and out of that store knew they
shit about the laws, About them guns and deff about which bullets
pierced witch armors lol.

We Kenyan Americans ;-) are not ready should a race war break out :-)
but that's why I'm glad I live in the states where Blacks, Whites,
Hispanics can live together in harmony with Kenyan Americans just like
myself :-)

- Ace Black

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