Saturday, November 1, 2008

Last nights winner: Mrs. Officer

Yeahh, I officially crown Mrs. Officer the baddest Lil outfit that I
saw last night for Halloween.

If you're a Man's man such as myself. You too at this age only look
forward to Halloween for one reason and one reason only. The TRICKS or
TREATS ;-) lol and I'm deffinately not talking about any candy either.

Halloween is the one time each year that you can see your best friend,
brother or the one guy you hates girlfriend in the most seductive
(slutiest) outfit ever. And for that reason only, you should NEVER
stay at home on a Halloween night. By all means this is the only time
you can compliment such a nice Lil tight ass on that one chick you've
been eyeing all year. I would say that most men (I'm not included) see
more women this scantily dressed than they do all year long, even if
it's their own girlfriends.

Now why with this phenomena you may ask?? Pretty simple if you ask me.
All women are freaks... (in a good way) men just get away with it
cause it's the status quo. This is the one time of the year that every
"good girl" you know get to join in and be a part of that status quo
(unless they've already ventured into the world of stripping). This is
by far the day of the year that they look forward to because all the
other cute outfits that they buy all year ain't got shit on what
they're going to wear for Halloween. Women LOVE, ENJOY, Eat breathe
and shit SEXY. So why wouldn't a woman take the one opportunity she
gets to really stunt on another bitches outfit?? If men could get 1
day a year to knock the next mu fucca out, posterize someone with a
mean dunk, Outrun the police in a car chase or whatever form we get
our addrenaline from; we would have a field day. So just understand
that being sexy on this one day is a huge rush for all women :-)

Ok. So going out last night with the aforementioned understanding, I
had a chance to put my years of observation to test in Downtown
Houston. I'll say that I was thouroughly pleased with my hypothesis on
this subject. I was once again correct about the outfits I was gonna

The one outfit that took my breath away time after time last night
was: Mrs. Officer :-) I'm pretty sure you saw her too in whichever
city you were in. She was the very sexxy young lady in a cop outfit
(shorts or a skirt) with a lovely top and either a hat or glasses.
This was the most put together outfit time after time that I saw
throughout the night. Either that or the women in houston just made it
look THAT goooood :-) I must say that I fell in love last night many a
times over and over again with every Mrs. Officer I saw. In fact I
think I mistook some real officers for costumes lol ;-) but those real
women of the law understood.

My close second outfit were all the maids (French or whichever) those
were some sexxy broads. I actually can use that term cause it was okay
to say it last night and since I'm reffering to last nights rules,
part of the outfit rules are the names that you refer to them in :-)

I also remember seeing some pocahantes' that were on point. What my
question is to you. Please let me know if I'm wrong in any part of my
assesment of the night and this blog. Which outfits did you wear and
why and which outfits did you see that won OUTFIT of the NIGHT.

-Ace Black

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