Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Groomsmen Horor Story

My brother Nerayo had his wedding this past weekend to my sister
laura. Noooo not like in the Midwest, but afterrrrrrr they got married
she became my sister in law lol.

I was super excited because this was my first wedding being a part of
the wedding party. I got fitted for the tux months ago and before I
left phoenix, I watched Wedding Crashers and The Mack religiously all
week to try n find a middle ground for this new HORizon I was gonna
face :-)

But as soon as I got into town, all the glitz n glamour we were
promised as groomsmen to lure us in went away.


To all you future groomsmen who think you'll just wear a tux n look
fly to all the ladies, beware... The wedding is the one time your boy
can and will pull out all the favors you owe him and you can't say no
lol. Can't say I didn't warn yah. If you wanna be a good friend, keep
him from getting married. That way you won't have to do the stuff me
and the groomsmen did this weekend lol

Day 1

-we picked up family from the airport alllllllll day long. Forgot that
family likes pulling the fam card n always needs a ride in a new
city :-) lol

-we picked up all the tux's.. Yeah, they don't just magically appear.

-we had to go to the wedding dress rehearsal. But we got to meet the
bridesmaids ;-) thumbs up

-we had to go buy the liquors.. Store runs are made by groomsmen

-we partied late till 4am :-)

Day 2

- woke up at 7am... Ouchhhh gimme 10 more mins please.

- we started setting up the reception hall from 8am - 1pm

- all the flowers, table clothes etc we made.. Where r the
bridesmaids?? Ohh yeah, they're getting their nails done for the
wedding :-) lol back to work groomsmen

- we shook hands n kissed babies gave hugs n took pictures after the
wedding. Thumbs up :-)

- we DID GET TO EAT 1st.. Yesssss

- we deffinately got drunk. Okay getting better :-)

Day 3

- what u mean we gotta go clean up lol

Yeah after the cleanup, we had to go set up the African Wedding
portion. Not to mention return the cool looking tuxes we had.

I had fun and was deff put to work. But you know what, it was well
worth it because my brother and his wife had the best wedding ever and
I'm glad that I was able to HELP out lol.

- Ace Black

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╚»☆Authentic[Dimplez] said...

i'm glad yuu had fun... and in retrospect i know you know all that work was worth it....... btw, yuu looked pretty fly in tht tux.... might have to use yuu as a groomsmen in my future wedding...


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