Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Random Act of Kindness at Starbucks

I walked into a Starbucks Coffee this morning... As I sat down, A Brother saw me and out of the Blue Offered to Buy me some Coffee.. This random act of kindness kind of caught me off guard at first but I was appreciative and accepted the Offer.. After we chatted for a brief minute, I offered him Christ for his Kindness and Invited him to Bible Study with me..

I then turned around and saw another brother sitting down.. So being filled with Kindness from the earlier Act; I went and offered him a flyer for our Bible Study.. This brother in turn gave me an Affirmation card and gave me a great scripture that went with what our pastor preached on this past Sunday..

Lately I've started realizing that the Promoter in me always wants to invite people to places.. Back in the days it was invitations for 2 for 1 drinks and nowadays it's Bible Study.. I like being able to try and bring my peers to a place where i feel like they'll receive the same kind of joy I'm receiving..

Pastor Gave us a word on Just LIVING in the Light and letting that Show.. I understand how most of my peers nowadays act like I used to back in the days.. I would always turn down invitations to go to church or bible studies.. so I can see from the other side now why our generation is not lining up to the end of the block for Jesus as I used to watch them line up when i'd have BIG (I mean HUGE 1,000+) Parties.. As a Christian, we all have our own walks as to when we find Christ.. As long as you find him before you leave this earth is what matters the most.. But why not find Christ at an earlier point and Live out Thy Kingdom ON EARTH, as it will be in HEAVEN??

Soooo, This Man i met at Starbucks touched upon this topic well.. He told me that when we find Happiness and Christ, we want to take that power and try to send it or use it in our own ways.. He told me basically what pastor preached on to Just LET GOD use me in the way he see's and Continue Walking in the Light of Being a Christian So that Through My Walk, I may be an influence to others..

I might not necessarily get 1,000 People to come out to Bible Studies like i used to pack the Clubs on a Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat or Sun Night; But If i Keep on Walking in God's Spirit and Learning more about Giving and Spreading Love; One day YOU might be inspired to be a better Person & not feel ashamed to start out on your very own Walk with Christ.. So Instead of the normal, Come out message, I leave you with this Testimony..

Never be ashamed to speak or walk your Faith.. You ARE the Change that you've been waiting on.. Until i realized that, i was not able to start my walk fully.. Once i did, I've been on fire ever since and i continue building daily... If you need any prayers or want to chat with me on the Steps i Took, Let me know because through Social Networking and my Notes, I pretty much got a Record of this Change in me from my beginning.. It's a Daily Walk so just take it as that.. Start off by the Basics that you learned as a Child.. Repent and Believe in your HEART that God raised Jesus from the Dead and that You're Saved..

Much Love to all my friends and Family who have supported me throughout this journey.. It's a Long Life and I need all the prayers and support to continue Living in the Light..

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