Monday, October 27, 2008

Concert: Cold War Kids

So while i'm out here in Houston, I've decided that I want to
experience re city and town. Im all about the Experience. So last
nights experience was going to a rock concert.

Transportation was a bitch from my hotel room but I finally got to re
concert Venue called The Warehouse in downtown houston. I wish I
wouldve gotten to the venue earlier cause the show was nice; but I
guess I had to enjoy what I saw 20 mins worth.

When I got to the venue, everything went smoothly. I didn't have to
wait in line and the bouncers kindly let me in without any hassles
(they must have known who I was and that I might do a revue on them
lol). I met up with 3 of my coleagues and grabbed a drink 1st ;-) (the
nights choice was Bombay gin and oj) yikes lol.

The venue was completely packed by the time I arrived and the speakers
was blaring loud music that I was not yet familiar to. From the crowd
response, and the sing alongs, this band deffinately knew how to
connect with their audience. Because I found myself jumping up and
down and nodding my head to their infectious tunes after a few
songs :-) I don't know wether it was the warm acceptance I was feeling
from the crowd (being that I was the only kenyan there lol) or maybe
that warmth was coming from my verry strong drink ;-) ha ha.

But from what I saw, I will say that The Cold War Kids made me want to
find out more about their music. So I added their station to my
pandora playlist and I suggest you do the same thing. The rest of the
night went off in a blurrr lol.

Cold war kids = great show if you get a chance to experience them live.

-Ace Black

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