Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My 31'st Birthday Clothing Drive for Kenyan Children

Last year for my 30th Birthday I proposed to my Wife. That was a big day in my life. This year for my 31st Birthday I decided that I wanted to be able to share my Blessings with those that are less fortunate.  My Birthday will be on Saturday Aug 13th and This year for my Birthday I am collecting Donated Clothes (New or Used) and will be sending them off to my Native country of Kenya to Help some Orphans & Less Fortunate individuals. I contacted my cousin Tony in Nairobi Kenya & made some plans on how I would be able to help out. He informed me of an Orphanage & a community that these clothes would help.  If you have any kid’s clothes from 3-13 years old and regular adult clothes you no longer need, It would mean a lot to me if you could contact me so I may send these off to Kenya on my B'day to Help others.  Feel free to contact me through email at AceBlackMan@Gmail.com or Twitter @AceBlack I can also pick up any clothes on Tuesday or Sunday Nights until August 14th at my Church between 6-9pm (1830 W. Glenrosa Ave. Phoenix az, 85015)  Anything you can bring by  Sunday Aug 14th  would be great & I will ship them off as soon as I can. Thank you in advance and if you can help me spread the word to your friends and family it would make this Birthday even better.

Thank you and God Bless
- Ace Black


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