Wednesday, December 24, 2008

This is some Pure BULLSHYTT

Hmmm 12 days of snow?? Really?? Worst shit ever in Seattle in years.

Yeah yeah, I came out to visit the fam for the holidays, but this was
not part of the plans. You see that sweatshirt I got on?? Yeah..
That's what living in phoenix does to you to get you in f'd up
situations when travelling lol.

I've been stuck in the house litteraly for 5 days straight. I used to
love snow as a child but this shit right here Niggahh.. This ain't the
bizz lol.

I've been seeing penguins walking outside the windows snowball
fighting polar bears. I wouldve went out but it was too cold.

This damn weather deff chopped n screwed me this time around :-/ can't
even really hang out with my old friends. Well.. Hopefully wherever
you are, you're quite warm cause I'm freezing my balls off down here

- Ace Black

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