Thursday, October 9, 2008

And I Lived to blog about it...

Yesterday I almost DIED. My lil puny pathetic life flashed right in
front of my eyes. Ha ha. What u think I am. More like my great
fantastic fabulous life got scared shittless ha ha.

Now where was I? Yeahhh sooooo my lil buddy Rianna Rackwell (name has
been changed to protect her identity lol) came and got me for lunch.
Speeding off the parking lot should have been my 1st indication of the
great adventure we were about to go on lol.

We proceeded to hop on the freeway, but only after a blind man smacked
the hood of the car at the stop light and flicked us off cause she hit
his cane lol (made up to add to the story) but on the freeway we
almost crashed cause she cut off a huge semi causing him to honk the
big horn and all his water jugs flew off the back of his truck onto
the freeway. Yes if u were backed up in traffic for ours yesterday,
that was us who did that lol.

NOW! I don't know if this has ever happened to you or not. But you
know how when u are driving with someone and you've spent the whole
trip screaming "watch out" and u just at one time gotta shut up cause
you think they got the message? Well in my case I was one "watch out"
away from her understanding. Cause when we got to the parking lot of
the restaurant. She hit a parked truck in a huge ass wide open parking
lot lol. Blood was gushing everywhere, my neck n back started having
spasms and the guy in the truck she hit woke up from his power nap
LOL. Good thing I had my seatbelt on though cause my guts told me to
listen up earlier ha ha. The dude proceeded to whupp my ass since he
couldn't take out his anger on the young lady. He spun me over his
head n my moms got scared. So now I'll be moving with auntie n uncle
in Bell Air :-)

-Ace Black

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Corina said...

Oh my goodness, you have to be the biggest dork I've ever known. But I miss you so I'm really glad you didn't die! =)


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