Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ace Black's Beef Stew of Love

Fellas.. Here's a perfected recipe that has been Ace Black Proven to
get you that one special lady you've been eying this whole time. If
you would like to seal the deal, invite her over to your place for
some beef stew. Follow these instructions I've created and you should
be able to have the best love making night of your life :-)

-Start out with half an onion chopped
- place onions in pot with oil till brown
- cut a full tomatoe and place that in the pot also
- cut up your beef in small chunks and place in the pot.
- cover pot let simmer add some water and let boil
- add cut up pieces of potatoes to the stew
- add cilantro when the stew is almost done

When you've made the beef stew just right, serve it to your partner
with some bread.

After she's finished with her beef stew; you should ask her to now
feed you some of herrrr beef stew ;-)

be sure to not let any of that sweet chunky soup spill. Be sure to
taste every last bit and ask for more when you're done :-)

Thank me later fellas.

Ladies, start asking you're fellas if they know how to make Ace
Black's Beef Stew of Love :-) Youre welcome..

- Ace Black


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