Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mos Def Concert: Seattle

Upon reaching Seattle last week, the buzz around town was an upcoming
show from rapper/musician Mos Def at the Moore Theatre. I set out to
find out a way to go check this show out being that I've never seen
Mos Def perform live.

I would like to give a special thank you to our good friends over at
who were able to sponsor us with some tickets for the show. Also to
my guy T. Baisy with Vibrant 206 for directing us with where to go for
the night.

The show started at 10pm when it was listed to start at 8pm. Being
that it had snowed the night earlier, I was understanding of the late
start. The place was packed with lots of Mos Def Fans.. You know the
type.. Old hip hop heads and for lack of a better visual I'd say think
of the kids who played hackey sack during lunch in high school. I'm
not making fun of anyone, but for the quick brief look in the lobby, I
found this to be the core audience of the show.

Being that the only album of Mos' that I'm familiar with is the one
which had Ms. Fat Booty on it. I know, I know and I do admit it. I'm
kind of a main stream, radio pop type of listener so I did not know
what to expect of Mos Defs performance being that the album ok
familiar with was almost 10 years old.

:-/ I will say that my interpatation of the show was as such. Mos Def
has 2 playlists that he uses. I say this because most of all the
concerts I've been to, I have atleast known 1 song by the artist. My
theory was that the overly major white mos def fans in the crowd had
him perform to tailor the needs of the audience.

None of the songs were familiar to me and a few of the people I was
with were also looking at each other trying to figure out what we were
witnesing. I was particularly upset when the show ended at 11pm and
still no Ms. Fat Booty or any of his other hits he created with Talib
Kweli. I will have to say that I left the show feeling hurt in a way
I've never felt before after leaving a concert. I admit, I haven't
checked for Mos recently, but after the show I definately will not be
to keen on giving his music a chance. I would have to say that it's
close to being one of my least favorite live shows i've been to.

- Ace Black

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