Friday, October 24, 2008

Club Level: Houston, Tx

Tonight was Thursday and my boy Kamikaze from
came to pick me up for a night out on the town in H Town.

Soon as I hopped into my boys whip, I knew that we were in for an
adventure :-). We headed towards downtown and our 1st stop was at a
club whose name I forgot but it was nice. There were 4 benzes parked
in the entrance with sticker prices on them and that set the ambiance.
As I entered I knew that Houston was gonna give San Francisco a run
for their money from. Last week. Ohhh my f'n G were the ladies on
point. I stopped and talked to a young lady named candace and she
proceeded to tell me how whack it was for the night :-/. I was not
sold. Every girl in there was fly, I kid you not.

So after about 30 mins at that club, my boy had to go do some work at
a club down the street called level where we ended staying the rest of
the night at. The whole night was VIP as usual so the love was great.
(always roll with a ninja with status) ok. Sooo when I walked into
status I fell in love once again like 51 dates. The place had a nice
lounge setting to it and the lifhtig was nice and soft. After about 5
mins in the club, the drinks started coming and they did not stop for
the rest of the evening :-) (roll where the drinks are at).

My boy took me to the VIP booth and left me drinking while he took
pictures for the special event. ( check out his site
for all the fly events going down in Houston Texas. He introduced me
to the special guest for the night -Angel Lola Love- and Slim Thugg.
Angel was looking very beautiful and exotic and Slim Thugg was tall as
fux. I was kinda excited every time I saw a bottle being brought to
the table with flares attached to them like it was the 4th of
July :-). I met one of my sorority sisters named kayla and she was
pretty fly as all AKA's are known to be ;-) but really, she was down
to earth and cool as fux. Even before I found out she was Greek.

All in all, for my 1st night in Houston, the city was lovely, the
clubs were great and the women were deffinately on point. As of now
fellas, I'd say that you can't go wrong on Houston :-)

-Ace Black

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