Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day: I miss you

> Hey pops..
> Just wanted to take some time and write you a note. Thank you for
> being a wonderfull father throughout my life. I'm very greatfull
> that god made me, liza, mike and yvonnne your children. I will
> forever be greatful for the gift of life that you helped give us.
> I know that it's not easy doing what you were able to do back in 88
> and all the steps you had to take to be able to find whichever way
> possible to bring a family of 6 all the way to America from Kenya.
> Even when the economy was good in America, I wouldn't have been able
> to even take one person, let alone 5 to Africa even with the
> exchange rates. Thank you for the hard work and planning.
> You are the number 1 person I've always looked up to for strength
> and guidance growing up.. It saddens me that as an adult, I have not
> had the chance to learn the wisdom that I know you posses. I know
> because I learned everything about growing up from you and it helped
> shape me into a wonderful respecting, god fearing youth. I still
> want to have my father around to help me learn how to be an adult.
> Even if it's hard to be an adult, I have full faith that my father
> will not steer me wrong.. I want to walk and learn as an adult from
> my father and help set up a foundation that maybe if I have a family
> one day, they will not struggle.
> Just know that I will always love you and I appreciate everything
> that you have sacrificed to make sure that we were well taken care
> of. All the teachings you blessed me with are always being used
> daily.. God has blessed me with a longer life because my father told
> me at a young age to obey my parents so I could live long. My father
> taught me to think with my head and not anger. My father taught me
> to be a caring and loving individual. Thank you for all the lessons
> and I can't wait to see you again so we can finish what we started
> as a family.. I'll be number one to help you.. Ogwel and sons..
> I love you and I miss you very much dad. Happy Fathers Day
> - Ace Black

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